Commissioned Art for Cover

Hello! I was wondering if anyone here does realistic and somewhat affordable art. I’m just starting out on Episode and I can’t afford much, but I would never ask someone to do it for free as I have a lot of respect for artists. Let me know, please :slight_smile:


What price are you looking for and what do you want on the cover?

Hello dear.
I’m a digital artist and I do commissions.
Feel free to check my Instagram for prices or more examples
Have a nice day!


hey! i’m an artist and i take commissions! i’ll show you my examples and prices list. if you still think the prices are too high, we can negotiate!

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Hi my commission are currently open. I’m willing to negotiate on the total price if required.

My prices are available below:
For my artwork examples check my instagram:

I’ll leave a few sample works:


I suggest @MysteryMaker

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