Commissions are open! Professional digital artist

Hey babes , my commissions are open so if you want a cover,art scene,portraits and etc. feel free messaging me here or in instagram @findmylogic(I answer faster here) for more info and if you’re interested :purple_heart:
Here examples of my work





bump !

Ooow thank youuu :two_hearts:

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ofcccc !

Is this still open? I need a cover for a upcoming story! : )

Yes it is :two_hearts:

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great! Is there a form, that i can fill out?

do you have a price sheet, if not I recommend you make one, because I think a lot of people like me dont wanna PM you to find out if they can afford an art piece.

also your art is really beautiful

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Bro I do actually and I always forget to post it tysm for reminding me :sweat_smile:

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I don’t have a form but I’ll post the prices in a minute love

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Updated :two_hearts:

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Ok! I love your art, but i’m a bit low on money… Which means I can’t buy them : ( …So I hope you get a lot of commissions! Have a nice day/night :blush:

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