Commissions Closed

First of, this is more an experiment to see if people would actually buy this art.


Prices will be discussed over PM and range from around £2.50-£15 per piece,
For an extra character it is another £2.50.
prices can vary depending on how simple or complexed the artwork needed is.
Payment is via PayPal and in GBP.


More Examples are coming but I’m new to this style so most are WIPS

Other Information

So… Any Tattoo and Piercings etc. are an additional £2.
You can request below, pm here or on Instagram @samanthami.episode
If I accept or decline your request you will be informed, and then we can discuss details etc. and the prices may vary.
You CAN NOT steal or claim my artwork as your own!

How it works

Basically you request, I accept, we talk details. You pay me 50%(half), I’ll send a watermarked sketch where we can discuss changes etc.
then one with the base colours.
and when the piece is finished, I’ll send a watermarked version where we can make some changes if needed. You will not receive your art without a very noticeable watermark until the final payment is complete, then I will email it to you.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:



Can you show the are please, if so I’ll think about buying it.

It’s beautiful!!! Definitely gonna Request a commission!

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