Commissions (covers, art scenes)✨️✨️

Hello everyone. Hope everyone has a great day or night so far :blob_hearts:

This is my first time opening commissions and im actually nervous :sweat_smile:
But everything has to have a start, so here i am. I have come a long way with my drawing so I though i could make a small profit out of it.

Here are some of my most recent drawings :sparkles:



Drwaings will take around 5-10 day to be done.
For payment I use PayPal

Request form

-how many characters
-picture of the character/s
-pose picture
-BACKGROUND you want (backgrounds are not included in the commissions since I can’t draw them)
-the size you want for the canvas

I think that was all, im not sure. So if anyone has a request you can PM me or even reply here :blob_hearts: Let me know if I forgot anything or if something is unclear.

Thank yoj so much of your support and I hope everyone has an amazing day or night :blob_hearts:


Beautiful work!

My favorite is the first piece.

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Thank you so much. Im glad you likw it :blob_hearts:

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