Commissions- Digital Artist

I’ve literally searched the whole of instagram and given myself a headache :joy::sob: does anyone know of any digital artists that have commissions open? It seems like everyone’s are closed, not taking requests or are way too busy.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

ik, it’s really unfortunate tbh

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Yeah, i understand why though - especially if they have exams or just need some space. It’s just hard to actually find anyone, i don’t even know where to start tbh

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I just checked and it looks like is accepting commissions. Their art is amazinggg :heart_eyes:


You star, thank you!

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You could check out my work <333 i made a topic about it and i’d be happy to help love xx

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Im accepting :blush:
Heres an example of my work

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Thank you so much! I have actually found someone now, but I’ll definitely save these for the future

Thank you x