Commissions open 💞❣️, Brush updates & more!

Halllllo guys, so I decided I wanted to open commissions to help out my friend who is in a financial crisis, I don’t want to go beyond that because it’s not my business to talk about her situation. :pleading_face: so if you do like “buy”?, anything we’d be hella grateful and extremely appreciative :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My examples

These are my more “recent” besides one :joy:. I actually don’t draw guys as I’m not really good with them but I am practicing everyday literally- and I’ll update this thread once I’ve fully accomplished drawing guys! Some Backgrounds/if not all are made and done by @/FlowerGriefer but if you do commission any art they will all be fully drawn by me.


I’ll be editing prices as my style gets better and include more stuff but for now this is it. I do in fact listen so if you ever wanna negotiate the price to make it lower we will definitely work it out! :revolving_hearts:If I feel like my art is overpriced I will bring it down lower.

I only accept payments though Cashapp. Once you’ve approved the sketch/outline you’ll pay half of the price then. Any changes can and will be made free of charge before it gets colored in. I cannot make any changes unless they’re minor details (it’ll be free then). After I’ve showed you the finished piece you’ll pay the other half of the price. This is to ensure that none of us get scammed, but if you’re also not happy with ur art piece please do let me know so I can make it up to you!

For more questions you can pm me here! I also only accept commissions thru PMs Nd my Instagram which is @f.r.o.s.t.a.y.c.r.e.a.t.e.s

My gumroad:
My free brushes and packs in this one⬇️

My paid brushes and brush sets in this one⬇️

Additional info!

With the whole pandemic going on my art is 25% off and can be brought down lower if it’s still a bit expensive. Hope this helps, stay safe everyone and stay home! #stayhome


First of all:

This is so sweet helping out your friend!!! I’m glad you’re doing this!
And I hope your effort helps her out! :heartbeat::pleading_face:


Sending my love to her :heartbeat:


Thank you sm omg-
You’re too kind lyy :pleading_face::pleading_face::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I would love to purchase but my mom would be mad that I spent all my visa gift money… she already is that I spent it all :pleading_face:


Awh it’s fine, your support means sm to us! :pleading_face::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you sm :revolving_hearts::pleading_face:

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New brush set was recently added and you can now get it from my gumroad for free!


A new brush set was added to

This gumroad account^ will be used for all my paid brushes!
This brush set includes 25 hair brushes and a base brush all for $10!

^ Regarding my post above, use the discount code “anyonelikepintobeans30” to get 40% as I felt like $10 for 26 brushes was a bit pricy!

Anywho, a new brush set was uploaded in which it contains 10 lash brushes for the price of $1! You can purchase it from my gumroad;

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New brush set was recently uploaded! 20 blending brushes for $2!

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Hopping on to say that I will be uploading some colour pallets soon (in which I use) it’s taking a while due to the fact that I’m trying to upload 10 pallets in one set. I’m also working on brushes and brush sets! commissions are also still open!

New colour pallets have been uploaded to my gumroad account with free brushes!

Buy my product (Ps it’s free haha)
Enjoy you guys

New brush pack was published, where there is 2 versions of the same brush pack and a bonus brush set with your purchase to shoe my appreciation for everyone’s support all for the price of $3. These brush packs all add up to 50+ brushes

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Bump! Commissions are still open and payments are through Cashapp! Examples have been updated and my most recent art is my Ariel art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

New brushes and sets coming soon

Bump! New pallet coming soon