Commissions OPEN - maa_riaria

Hi! A few years ago I drew some artworks for an episode author and I would love to start up doing that again.

I have experience drawing both cover art and also artwork for special scenes!
I can also draw in two different styles, semi-realistic and cartoony, examples below!

Here is an example of my semi-realistic art work, and you can find more on my instagram:

Newer example of my artwork:

Prices for semi-realistic artworks:

  • Portrait: 50$
    +30$ for each additional person
    +20$ for complex background
  • Half body: 70$
    +50$ for each additional person
    +20$ for complex background
  • Full body: 90$
    +60$ for each additional person
    +20$ for complex background

Example of cartoony style:

Prices for cartoony artworks:

  • Portrait: 30$
    +10$ for each additional person
    +5$ for complex background
  • Half body:35$
    +15$ for each additional person
    +5$ for complex background
  • Full body: 45$
    +20$ for each additional person
    +5$ for complex background

If you are interested, please contact me!

Also if this is too expensive for you I am able to down the details and quality of the artworks for a cheaper price, if this works better for you please let me know. But don’t expect the quality seen above in that case, thanks! :blush:


they are really pretty, but cost more than I would pay


Thank you, and I understand, but unfortunately I can’t go lower. It takes a lot of time to make and I can’t loose money doing this.


I get that, I draw myself. if you look at my quality of the art it might be worth 5 dollers, but I still spend like 5 hours, and I dont feel like it would be worth it to be to start selling.

It is a difficult market indeed, I sold my artwork for much less before, because I didn’t feel it was worth enough. But after a few years in the freelance market I understood that if people really want your art they will pay, so I got more confident and now I price accordingly :slight_smile:

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I did do some changes to my original post now, since I understand that many authors can’t afford my original prices, so I got some alternatives!

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Not going to lie but 100$ is expensive for ONE full body but good luck I guess


Well considering all the work and time that goes into the artwork, and the communication with the customer with the possibility to add and change anything about the artwork at any stage I would say it is not too much to ask.

But I respect your opinion and I understand it might seem a bit much. However, I have had much success with these prices before :slight_smile:


Your art is beautiful! Would definitely be worth the money in my opinion. Good luck! :blue_heart::blue_heart:


I am sorry you feel that way, at least I respect my own work and art enough to price them accordingly. I do not want to argue about this and you are entitled to your opinion.

Also the people who purchased my art were all very happy with what they got :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate you saying that! If you ever need any artwork you would definitely get a discount for being so nice <3

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Aw that’s so sweet of you! Thank you sm, I’ll be sure to take you up on that once I have a bit more money!! :cupid:

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that is a true thing, people who want something also wanna pay the price, if they dont feel its worth the money they will buy it for someone els, personally I would not buy from you because I think its to expensive and I seen same quality art cheaper, but that dosent mean you should go down in price.

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Thanks for understanding! I must say this is also a few years old so I have improved a bit since then, but yeah I know you can get the same quality for less money.

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I think my prices might seem pretty high as well because I come from Norway, and here everything is pretty expensive…

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WoW your art is so beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Is the currency above in Norwegian Krones? :heart:

I am pretty sure its dollers

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Ahhh right okay, thanks!

No its american dollars :slight_smile: