Commissions Open!

Hey there! I’m ChaoticDeluge, and I was debating for a while about whether or not to actually open commissions for help with episode stories or forum requests but I decided it was a good time to go for it!

I’ll be happy to do any number of things, from covers to profile pictures to art scenes and posters. I have my own style that’s been developing for quite a while now, though I can draw in the episode style if a client were to insist.

Rough Pricing List:-

  • Forum Profile Picture: 7$
  • Art Scene/Splash: 9-15$ depending on complexity
  • Poster: 15$
  • Cover: 25$
  • Simple Character Art: 7$

If you have any questions or would like to talk about a commission, please DM me! I’ll be happy to clear anything up and discuss some terms further. Some prices are also negotiable depending on how complex you want the piece to be, and just to be clear. These are for use on Episode :smiley:

Here’s a link to another commissions area for non-episode related art pieces, there are also examples of my work around there! Art Commissions - ShanniiWrites

Here was my earlier post with examples of my work and people saying I should open commissions!

Thanks for having a read, and I hope to hear from folks soon!




Just checked out your work. Your artwork is great!


Cheers ^.^


Bump (/^o^)/