Commissions Question

I was wondering how much commissions usually cost, or if you’re an artist, how much do you usually charge for your work?


Hi! It really depends on the artist :upside_down_face:
I know a lot of realistic artist who charge approx 40 usd for a portrait. For very veryy advanced and known artist, it can be more than 200 usd for an artwork.
But here, on episode platform, I would say prices vary between 15 usd- 50 usd (depending for one character :blob_hearts:
I hope it helped!


I’m not a commission artist but I’m a commission buyer, but most commission artist on forums use paypal and I just wanted to say their might be fees for the person purchasing the art so they would have to send more, like for example a piece of artwork I purchased was $17 dollars but I ended up paying $22 because of fees for sending outside of America.


ohh true!! I got surprised too when I realized I paid fees to convert money hahah :sweat_smile:

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Hey!! :blossom:

I’m not a commission artist myself but I’ve spoken to a lot of commission artists, and commissioned, and it depends, their is no specific range, it all depends on where they live, how long it takes, the quality, and what they are willing to do.

I say just talk to your preferred commission artist and you both can discuss the price since they aren’t all going to have the same price :yellow_heart:

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