Committed friends for writing together(needed)



hello!! Episodians… I am Shona, I have been in this forum for about 2 months now and this forum has become like a family. I have ideas for stories I want to write and I am working on one of them. but doing alone is no fun. Let’s work together and be friends. I am looking for a few people who will help me write the stories and put their ideas with mine and we will create it together. Working in a team is always fun. So let’s come together. Requirements-

  1. Coder
  2. Video and Arts editor
  3. writer
    I want someone who is committed and believes in a friendly environment.
    if you are interested, please provide your details below or PM me or Message me on Instagram @shona_episode.
    help me create this, people.
  • Name-
  • User ID-
  • Instagram ID-
  • Good at-


Name- Hailey
User ID- Hailey :heart:
Instagram ID- @unicorn._.episode
Good at- I can do all 3 things but here are a few examples of my edits!


Name - Black Jack
User ID - Black Jack
Instagram - @blackjack.stories
Good at - I can do all three more or less. I can’t exactly do videos. I’m better at coding and writing. So yeah! :blush:


@black_jack and @_unicorn I will contact you on Instagram




@Sydney_H please close this thread. the work is done. Thank you



Topic closed by OP request.