Committed Writing partner? (closed)

Hey there!
As the title of this post reads, i am currently looking for a writing partner
I have made a post about this awhile ago but back then i was still new to the episode community and i wasn’t that good at coding…
But now i have been apart of the episode community for about 3 of years and over the time i have been here i have developed my coding skills greatly and i am able to do advanced directing easily. My problem is my writing skills are not up to the standard i want them to be and i really want to create a good story. That’s why i believe a committed writing partner would help. I already have an idea for a story and of course all ideas are welcome… if you are interested please feel free to message me privately or just respond on here xo

Now about the type of writer i’m looking for:
I am looking for someone who has some sort of experience with episode but most of all a good writer. I am also looking for someone who is actually dedicated to writing a good story and who has unique ideas

(P.S) sorry about the long introduction… if you want to know more about me just ask xx



If you would be interested I would love to talk with you and see if we can sort something out? If you want just DM me here and we can see if any ideas we have work. I hope we can sort something out!


Hi, I’m lily Anne and I’m looking for a coder for this great new story I was thinking about writing, there is a lot of drama with it and I am really committed to be your potential writing partner, just drop me a dm anytime

Hi, I’m Madison and I’m also interested in a writing partner if anyones offer still stands please message me back

hey x i’m really sorry but i already found one! if an opportunity arises i’ll let you know… have a good rest of the day xx