Common directing mistakes

What is the most common directing mistakes you see in stories today?

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Layering! People keep making characters kiss or hug with the wrong layers making it look so strange :sweat_smile:


thise are common not because people cant fix them but because people often are not even aware of them, because you can only see it on your phone. not on the portal

overlays lag with shifting when you enter a new background,

charaters still been in same animation when entering a new background, the amount of times I seen a new background where they still lay/sit/kneel.

Not specifying a time for walking, so the characters speed across the screen.

or when a bg character walks in front of the MC who is in the front

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spot directing !

When the characters walk and they’re still idle.

Panning and then placing the characters

Transitioning and then placing the characters

Both result in pop ups occurring.

Use & to place characters before transition and before you pan to a new zone where they are in. That way, they are already in the scene without teleporting there.

When the characters are talking, but theyre using an idle animation, it kinda bothers me :sweat_smile:
When the character just pops into the screen like, 1 second after the scene change

The script names:
Sometimes I misspell them.

Or I forget to put NARRATOR