Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Hi everyone!

What are some scenes that you find incredibly common in Episode stories? I have listed some below ~

  • The MC meets the love interest by bumping into him/her.
  • The MC is cold, and so the love interest gives his/her jacket to the MC.
  • The MC walks in on a character in a towel and admires his/her body.
  • The MC is being insulted by the mean girl and the love interest comes to defend her.

So, what are some scenes in stories that you think are common? List some below! :revolving_hearts:

~ :rose:

  • The common meet cute (ie. bumping into each other, fighting, whatever)
  • The fortune teller (there to make things interesting, and explain things the author can’t)
  • The mean girls (oof)
  • The almost break-up (Oh no! the main characters are fighting!! Turns out Love Interest is just worried about MC and wants to protect them! How cute! let’s completely forget that they were fighting!!)
  • The bad boy with a tragic backstory (Oh no! he’s a jerk but insecure!! So all the jerky stuff he’s done before is instantly forgiven!!!)
  • The accidental friend-zone( Literally how the scene goes MC: You’re such a great friend! Love Interest: (Right. friend.) like no joke)


The MC (usually a nerd) has a crush on the love interest and then goes through this MAGIC TRANFORMATION to become popular. Then BOOM: love.


woah!! Let’s completely forget about how mean people were to her before cuz she’s pretty now and FINALLY fits in!!!


When the MC sees the mean girl kiss the LI, and then leaves sad without seeing him push her off :’’’’)


The mean girl blackmails the MC so she will stay away from the love interest.


There must be no explanation!!! he cheated on me! Even though i have no evidence besides what I saw, I haven’t talked to him about it, and that girl is the mean girl at school who he hates!!


“If you don’t stay away from my mans i will release a secret I have from when we were friends when we were younger.”


Omg spot on xD


I’ve read WAY too much episode, and watched WAAAAAY too many romance movies.


Like that will help the love interest fall in love with her. :joy:


Theres always a drunk party
Where MC gets drunk and sleeps with
A. Sexy stranger
B. Bad boy/player

MC always has at least 1 or 2 BFFS since they were in elementary school(and never lost touch)

If MC is shy/introverted/modest “friends” always wanna talk about her “ugly” fashion sense and give her a makeover

MC has a crush and always has to lust after or fantasize in a s3xual way…(heavy makeout session=bedroom activities) why not fantasize about just enjoying eachother in a non s3xual way

Most MCs i run across are “sassy” and act impulsively before thinking then cry when they reach their “sympathy breaking point” where we are suppose to feel bad…no…stop and think for like 2 seconds


“Oh no! I slept with the bad boy and now our paths keep intertwining!”

I have no clue why I’m like quoting cliche stuff someone help


Continue i enjoy it x3


lol thanks


The MC keeps on running into the love interest everywhere she goes.

“Are you stalking me?”


When the story starts off with the MC waking up and realizing she’s late for her first day in a new school/first day back after summer break.


“Oh no! I’m late for school! What should I wear? [Insert Choice of Clothing]”

Im super guilty of this one lol


Then when she gets to school —

TEACHER: “Detention for being 15 seconds late!”


(Puts on school uniform)
“Uhg…i hate this outfit(rolls eyes)”