Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Then the MC just stands there doing the idle_awkward animation and thinks, “oH mY gOsH, hE’s LoOkInG aT mE!!!”


“Stay away from my man!!!” - Mean Girl


lol i’ve done that one…


I want a story where the mean girl says this because she’s in actually in denial about being in love with the MC, takes a good hard look at her behavior, makes amends, and they both forget about the generic football playing bad boy or whomever they were bickering over to run off into the sunset together.


BAD BOY: Whatever, Linda.
GIRL: It’s Lisa!
BAD BOY: Does it look like I give a crap?

ME: :neutral_face:


Omggg sooo trueee! In real life you don’t just forget someone’s name :joy::joy:


I seldom see this or I have not been venturing enough…what are the stories?


It’s mostly bad cliche stories in high school lmao. For example in troublemaker, the guy calls the girl Winter instead of Summer :joy::joy:

  • Mean girls
  • Makeovers. Everyone suddenly loves the protagonist because she’s pretty now!
  • Bad boys with a troubled past (he’s a jerk but he’s misunderstood! I still love him!)
  • The misunderstandings (Jax was with someone else! He’s cheating on me!)
  • When the fighting turns into a make out session


So I complained about this before, but I’ve recently noticed a weird variation of this trope. It’s happened a couple times that I’m given the option for my MC to drink something non-alcoholic at a party scene, but somehow the MC gets trashed and passes out or throws up anyway. Ummm. What was in that water? Why do none of MC’s friends care that she was apparently drugged?



Haha, I’m glad you bumped this. This thread is so fun to read through. I’ve thought of like 10 more common scenes in the last week, but I didn’t post because I didn’t want to be having a conversation with myself. :rofl:


:joy: :joy: I would love to hear them!


I wish I had written them down because now my mind is blanking! I’ll add them as they come back to me.

The one stuck in my head right now because it JUST happened is the mandatory erotic scene, especially in genres outside Romance. The MC has a long internal monologue about how thirsty she is for the (generally male) love interest while he’s kissing her, all while my SOUL is cringing. There’s often a weird dissonance between my wishes (not interested in kissing Generic McAngstypants) and the story deciding what I want.

I’ve also noticed recently stories that DO give me the option to ignore LIs I don’t like, later assuming I hooked up with them. :rofl:

I can understand that in stories that bill themselves as “A romance between X character and Y character,” but in stories that are like, “You are a witch fashion designer whose clothes are imbued with magic,” I’m like, “Why the hell do I have to hook up with Todd?”




I feel so uneasy when this happens…

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Saaaaame. I’m usually going “NOPE. NOPE.” when that happens and wishing for the author to give me a chance to pull away or cut things short. SOMETIMES they do give that choice, but not every time.


Now thts a story id read

Also hate tht over explination of how horny the MC is as well…so frickin cringey


IT IS SO CREEPY! I guess some people like it, and I don’t have a problem with the existence of erotica. I just don’t want it to jump out and slap me in the face in stories that bill themselves as something else.


So true.
I think im reading a fantasy when 10 chapters in it turns into erotica i didnt sign up for that x3