Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Why is the MC always missing a parent?
In stories where she does have both parents, they’re usually super strict…

Or, she has a stepmom/dad who she hates.

And I’ve noticed that a lot of LI’s are always ranting to MC about his dad and how “he’s a prick”


That’s so true! The dead parent MC is so common in movies and books and all sorts of media that it doesn’t surprise me AS much, though it is trope-y. I never really thought about the LI with the controlling parent, though. I guess it’s supposed to be a barrier to the love with the MC. Rich important daddy wants him to be with a generic mean girl instead, maybe. But it’s not a very interesting source of dramatic tension. Parent-child relationships could be an interesting dynamic, but often LI’s dad just hates his kid’s happiness for no reason.


MEAN GIRL: Let’s destroy the MC even though she did nothing to us!
MEAN GIRL’S FRIEND #1: Yaaasss, that is an awesome idea!
MEAN GIRL’S FRIEND #2: cries because she dropped her bag of Cheetos

Idk if it’s just me or something, but I’ve seen in a lot of stories that the mean girl’s friends, like, don’t have any personality or something, lol. One of the mean girl’s friend just follows the mean girl around and agrees with literally everything she says. The other one is just…childish. XD

Here’s a similar post I made on a different thread a loooong time ago:


Now it’s typically stupid bratty mean girl and dumb sidekicks :joy:

I’ve seen in many stories that the sidekick usually pity’s the MC


when the ‘weak’ mc is in an alley and she can’t fight him off so somehow the bad boy does it for her💀


This is so weirdly common!


Stories that have something like this as a description —

MC was a normal girl at BLAH BLAH HIGH SCHOOL until LOVE INTEREST comes along and turns her life UPSIDE DOWN.


The shy introvert being changed into revealing clothing and becoming popular and bitchy


The MC gets pregnant and they keep denying it, but that one really good best friend’s just there, like “Listen. You’re literally pregnant, and it says so there on the test,” then the MC usually gets upset / starts crying, thinking about how her future must be ruined for school / education, then later on in the story, starts to appreciate the baby.

Always. ALWAYS.


I recently stopped reading a sci-fi story because the MC got morning sickness after her first time having sex with the LI, in like episode 4, and even though she didn’t consider pregnancy, I was like, “I know where this is going.”

When I finally found out via Instagram it had become a pregnancy story, I removed it from my favorites unfinished. :smirk:

If I wanted baby daddy drama, I’d read a “pregnant by the problematic male lead” story, not a story that’s supposed to be about the alien apocalypse or whatever.


Ha!!! Why is that a mood for me?

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Frickin hilarious. Make this a thing


Let me guess… My Alien Lover?


I shall neither confirm nor deny… :speak_no_evil:


I think I know exactly what that story is and of course she doesn’t say anything to the baby daddy because they were mad at each other but when she finally tries someone interrupt them :man_facepalming:t5:

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Though I didn’t get to that part, based on comments I read from people who did, I think we are thinking of the same story. But a lot of stories that do the surprise pregnancy drama have stuff like this, so we could also be thinking of two different stories that sound exactly the same. :rofl:

It’s fine to want to read stories where the drama is caught up in the pregnancy: the surprise, who knows what, will the dad stick around, etc. Buuuut I really think stories should be clear that this is what drives the plot before readers get invested. Pregnancy plot lines tend to devour stories, and when those stories seem like they are going to have drama stemming from things like world-building, the baby daddy drama tropes coming in and derailing things can be very frustrating. Especially because Episode is saturated with formulaic romance, and when you think you find a sci fi or thriller, you generally don’t want it to be a farcical pregnancy drama in disguise.

So instead of describing a story as, “You’re the sole human on a planet of robots,” just be upfront about the fact that the real plot is “What happens when you become pregnant with a robot baby… and you’re a human!?”


Omg yes I don’t even know if it’s the same story since the pregnancy stuff is so repetitive but it was a story with aliens and she kept saying that he had a big … but apparently didn’t think that condoms existed so then she starts to throw up and we all know what that means and the directing is so good that I was so annoyed when it happened i was like « not you too !!!:sob: »


I see that sooo much. Bonus if it ends in “What happens?”


I know this is an old post, but you’re hilarious! And I immediately thought of Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy " HE CHEATED ON ME!!!" {but they weren’t a couple. like at all.}


Pretty sure ur gonna be in shock if u see someone die in front of u but i get ur point