Common Scenes in Episode Stories




YES. Exactly.


And in detention she’ll meet the bad boy LI in the story.


“Great. The bad boys here. Wearing his signature ripped jeans, leather jacket, with the defined triangle face, smoking a cigarette, completely disregarding what the teacher is yelling at him, then asks why I’m here since I’m such a goody two shoes”


This is so accurate :joy:


lol. as i said i read WAY too much episode.


Then after detention, the bad boy gives you a ride home because it’s raining.


lol exactly


Another one ~ when the love interest is telling his parents about the MC and the parents don’t approve of her.


“But mom! I love them!!”
“It doesn’t matter. You deserve better.”


“You dont understand!!”
(Runs to room to cry)


yup. lol


MOM: “Why can’t you just be with Blondie Mcdivacurlz? She’s the one for you!”


omg and the mom setting up dates with the mean girl while they should be out with the OBVIOUS match


and the name is VERY accurate


Lol. I saw it once on another thread :joy:


Bumping into your LI then you get to school and see hes going to your new school


MC : shes shallow and LI is so diffrent why cant you see that
Mom:but…shes poor




“OMG!! It’s that cute guy I had an awkward encounter with! What is he doing here!”
Teacher: “This is our new student! you should sit next to MC!!”