Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Bad boy texts the MC

MC: Omg, how did you get my number?

Bad Boy: I have my sources.




The bad boy sees his best friend (or some random guy) and the MC talking and gets jealous.


and then he kisses MC to make a point :nauseated_face:


Or the mean girl sees the MC and the LI’s best friend talking, takes a picture of them, and sends it to the LI.


with some petty caption


MC likes a guy, but stops liking him after meeting another guy, then the guys fight


Yeah, and then the LI starts ignoring the MC

Do you seriously trust the mean girl more than the MC?


i was gonna write a story about that lololol


Lmao, i mean i still read them but it’s kind of clichee but I mean you could make any thing unique with a little tinkers here and there


and MC is like what did i do wrong? and LI is like you cheated on me!! (even tho they were never a thing???)


Then the MC finds out that the LI likes her.


“Me?? But I’m not special, or popular, or pretty (cuz shes VERY humble)”


I just read your guys’ whole conversation and I want more lmao




Then the LI, using his amazing way with words, assures the MC that she’s more than what she thinks she is. Then some time passes and they go on a date




And on the date there’s this really sweet speech


And then his crazy ex pops up out of nowhere!


at the date:

MC: Oh my gosh, this place is beautiful!

LI: I rented it just for us alone