Common Scenes in Episode Stories


usually cuz no one feels like spot directing


lol :joy:


After half way through the meal:

MC: I gotta go

runs off screen dramatically

LI: Wait, come back!


Then they don’t talk in person until like a week later.


iN text:

LI: where are you i’ve been worried

MC: I’m fine, cries in room while typing


“Where have you been??”
Then walks away but it turns out they’re being blackmailed into breaking up with them


When an MC is invited to a raucous party, and I have the option to say I’m skipping it. Then the MC goes anyway (usually after some peer pressure) and “many drinks later” hooks up with some character I hate.

Also “morning sickness right after losing her virginity=surprise pregnancy story.” When this scene happens, I almost always bail on the story.


oof that is every story EVER


Omg same it’s so annoying :joy:
Like the story was actually really good, but then the MC gets pregnant…
And I’m just like why???


So true! I’ve no problem with people writing pregnancy stories. I just think they should be clear that’s what the plot ends up being about. I hate finding a story that’s like, “this is about befriending a unicorn in culinary school” and then BAM PRAGNANT!


The mean girl wants the LI, so she tries to wear something revealing to get the LI to notice her.


and the outfit costs gems :tired_face:


i would TOTALLY want to befriend a unicorn at culinary school


It’s always like…

Option 1: gem outfit
Option 2: actual trashbag


and everyone can only pick option 2 and then LI is like “what are you wearing??”


I think in one of the featured stories there was this gem choice where you could wear an actual outfit to an audition or go in your towel.

Like…are you serious?


ummmmm what?


It’s true. I think it was in Pitch Perfect or something?




thats why i dont read featured stories unless they’re ACTUALLY good