Common Scenes in Episode Stories


'Cause the mean girl stole your clothes. :roll_eyes:




There have been a few where the non-gem option is a pajama set soaked with coffee, and the MC is like, “Well, my closet is right there, but I guess I’ll just go dressed like a dishrag.”




:joy: :joy:


When the LI’s crazy ex texts him out of nowhere.


while LI is in the shower
and MC decides to be nosey and sees the texts
and gets hecka mad


Then she leaves without telling him and the LI gets super confused when he comes back out of the shower. Then he sees the texts and is like “WTH?!”


and of course an overuse of the dismayed animation


I find it annoying how the MC literally never gives him a chance to explain. Then she’s all, “He won’t explain anything to me!”


lol just like
“i dont want to hear it!”
“he never has time for me.”


Exactly. XD


another possible scene:

MC is nerd and bestfriend is sort of popular

One day, the MC gets made fun of and the bestfriend, LI stands up for her. After that she finds out he likes her and they date.




When the teacher is like “I don’t get paid enough for this.”
Or “I can’t wait until these kids graduate.”


i wrote this story like a year ago that was NOTHING but cliche

now i have another story out thats a high school cliche


What is it called? :thinking:


and in basically every gang story, i find it funny that the gang leader’s name is always like Riccardo or Mateo


Omg yeah :joy: :joy:
And the bad boys always have the name Axel or Jax or whatever.


lol the really cliche one is called “How to be A Heartbreaker” and somehow it has 16 episodes??? it was written on mobile so it’s trash
and the other one is called “Sunny”