Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Lol I’ll read it


and they’re usually from Italy and speak another language (leading to LOTS of cute nicknames)


I don’t have any idea on how to make a mobile story actually good.


its so hard with the limited animations and it NEVER gets updates
once you learn to code on computer it gets kinda easy


I tried using it once, but I just ended up getting annoyed because I couldn’t figure out how to use it :joy:




Antagonist has NO REASON WHATSOEVER to even exist in the story.


“i’m mean and have no backstory but you still hate me.”


Like the mean girl who just bullies the MC for no reason.


Yeah, exactly!


I know, and there’s barely ANY clothing, like can we make our own updates? Its supposed to be easy but doesn’t mean it has to be ugly, and plus there should be a style choice. Like come on episode we need those updates, literally have been waiting for an update but one never came. I am writing a story on portal but you might want to make a mobile story once in a while.


yeah! i make characters for edits on mobile when im to lazy to code and the outfits are so…


Coding on computers hard
Mobile makes it waaaay simpler x3 but i suck with tht stuff…


im just bad at coming up with story ideas


X3 sure you can do it
I believe in you


right now im writing a story with someone else and im very proud of it. its so much easier when you dont have to come up with an idea.


Nice n.n good to be proud of your work


do u have any published stories?


Though i think about it…


me on the weekends