Common Scenes in Episode Stories




This is soooooo accurate. Especially on episode original stories. They need new plots. Which is why I only read user stories now.


oooooi should do that. i havent started reading a new story in foreverrrrr


I recommend dirty little secrets


I’ll check it out


When the MC and the LI end up wearing matching clothes.


YES. i love this so muuuuuuch


the infected by caitoriri?
Queen of the freaks by shaniiwrites
Caught up in the moment by ana stacy
Living in a dream by mystique
Do you know me by Wincy W
Dark Desires by Ashelyabrucker


Yes i like coordination like tht n.n
Wish more stories did it


Those teachers do realize that they can expel students… Right?


Like… I see a lot of “bad boys” not listening to the teachers and being rude, if I was the Principal, I’d have them expelled immediately… Like- seriously! At least have them avoid the teachers!


“but if the bad boy was expelled, who would the MC fall head over heels for in less than a week??”


“Ten other bad boys come to the school.”
Ooh, they’re all looking at me, who do I choose…


lol then they all start fighting


I do this so often cause I’m a sap.


The generic golden guy who is calling her beautiful every 5 seconds or babe and she swoons when she only met him 5 mins ago


The MC is defensless in EXT. NORTH PHILADELPHIA ALLEYWAY - NIGHT and a creep tries to assault her so the hero or whatever comes and saves the day.


or weird ass nicknames like apricot or cupcake lmao


The bad boy is caught making out with some other girl and it turns out it was just a misunderstanding and the girl forced herself on him. Smh.


Oooooo, let’s not forget how the two little sidekicks or minions of the mean girl have NOTHING to do with the story. They’re just there for cliche.:wink:

Sorry if someone already mentioned it.