Common Scenes in Episode Stories


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omg yesss the fact u can name the background… yesssssss


The MC is (physically) abused by :
a) her parent/s
b) her boyfriend/partner
c) her family member like uncle, brother etc.

Without any real reason. The ‘reasons’ are often “you’re so useless”, “you’re so ugly”, “you’re so pathetic pfft”, “I hate you but no one cares why”

Or the MC gets kidnapped, either by some creep or some gang members.
The first scenario ends up being a human dollhouse and the second one by MC falling for a gang leader and vice versa.


Here’s another one!

The MC and the best friend are at a party. The best friend sees a guy that she likes and leaves the MC all by herself.


I never really noticed, but that’s true. Somehow the MC never leaves with her friend. I would definitely at least check in with my friend before leaving! In Episode it’s always like, “Oh, BFF is making out with some random. I guess she’ll be occupied for the rest of the evening!”


Yeah, ikr! Then the MC usually meets the LI and he drops her off.


all of these are so accurate lol


Best friends only exist to coerce us into going to parties before bailing on us to instigate drama!


Frickin true!!!


Oh man…

MC does the idle_awkward animation with an internal monologue about how hot her LI is and how he makes her nervous.
MC makes sexist comments about her rival, IMO making her no better than her bully.
Bully commits acts against MC that (in real life) would result in criminal charges or expulsion.
MC is in college (U.S. university) and somehow gets detention or scolded for being a few minutes late.
There is a misunderstanding between MC and her LI or best friend, she refuses to hear them out, and somehow is scandalized when she finds out the truth; “WhY DiDn’t YoU sAy SOMETHING.”


•When LI thinks that MC is different from other girls LI: She’s not brave, or as pretty as the others, but she’s different, she’s special.
•When MC and LI have a fight, then LI walked off, but stoped and think f*ck this, then go back to MC and they start kissing.
•MC walked in amd see her boyfriend cheating on her with MC’s worst enemy.
•MC meet a random hot, sexy men at a bar/club, then they have sex
•The cold-hearted bad boy/gang leader LI always have a sad, terrible pass that mostly includes his family members being killed so he decided to shut down his feelings, but the MC is always the one who brings back his “feelings of love”


“oH I’m SoRry BuT tHe HoTeL iS FuLl oF gUeSts, We OnLy HaVe OnE rOom WhIcH OnLy HaS oNe BeD.” If this isn’t the way MC and LI end up sleeping on the same bed and “BoNdInG” because someone who sleeps on the same bed as you is TOTALLY the love of your life, then I don’t know how else they’ll sleep on the same bed.


When the MC and LI are on a date and the waitress keeps on flirting with the LI.


The party scene.
BFF (talk_excited) ‘So and so is throwing a party and we HAVE to be there!’
MC doesn’t really feel like going but the BFF convinces her. Every. single. time.

If they’re adults, it can be a bar instead of a party. And even if you don’t want to drink, somehow the author will almost always force you to drink.

Or how about the scene where the school bullies are just standing by their lockers, waiting for the “school loser” to pass by so they can insult that person?


Omg I hate this. Then the MC will get drunk and do something stupid.

They have nothing better to do lmao


Pft, my story has the part of the sexy stranger as the LI, but thank goodness it doesn’t involve any love triangles because I’d like to think that the MC and LI have some self respect for themselves.

I hate scenes involving triangles. I feel straight up sorry for the guys fighting over some chick. I never thought I’d be using the term “bro before hoes”, but have some damn self-respect and stop fighting over a chick who is clearly not smart enough to know what she wants.


The nerdy girl gets a makeover. Because:

  1. You cannot be nerdy and wear makeup.
  2. Glasses are UGLY.
  3. Only NERDS wear ponytails.

Of course I’m being sarcastic. Authors need to realize that characters can like multiple things. I love comic books and makeup. gasp


Same girl :sob: God forbid someone has “dorky” interests and likes girly stuff!

It seems like manic pixie dream girls are the norm in Episode stories. Like…icky, I strongly prefer the underdeveloped “blonde mean girls” over thinly-developed “i’mnotlikeothergirls!!111” characters/MCs


I hate the idle_awkward animation overall tbh, it’s so weird looking and goofier in Ink lmao.


When someone is sleeping and the MC sneaks into the room and screams WAKE UP!!! and then the sleeping person falls off the bed.

This one’s funny though :joy: