Common Scenes in Episode Stories


Every story i read has the “MC gets drunk at a party, LI saves her by taking her home but not sleeping w her, she’s like “What where am i? did we do it???!!!”, he’s like no, get outta my house”


When someone breaks up or cheats on the MC, then her best friend makes her go to a party, and then the MC sleeps with a guy.


The school morning scene where your mom says I love you and you leave. This is the only time she appears because adult figures don’t exist.


Which is only after the MC wakes up and is like

MC (talk_confused_mindblown)

MC (talk_think)
What should I wear today?

insert outfit choice here


y’all the amount of times i shook my head over this. it’s not like you just get 1 chance either



(Only for ink)

When a character does something funny/weird, another character uses the shush animation. But we only see the end of the shush animation just to look at their face.

It was funny at first in Kayla.sloans stories but it got annoying when so many people using it. :upside_down_face:


Or the flirt_fingersnap



I mean, they don’t really annoy me as much but some writers put way too many in their story which makes it so bad.

One time, before I joined forums, I did saw this one episode where the MC uses the shush animation or flirt_snap animation at least 10 times in one episode. And that I got so annoyed. And some of the jokes weren’t even funny.


The love interest is in a gang and really hates the MC then they start to love each other more.


I let out the ugliest laugh when you said that loooool :sob::sob:



  • The necklace that the love interest gives MC and it’s usually the heart necklace (idk why this annoys me so much)
  • The best friend who’s there for diversity and to give romance advice even tho they’re single AF and that is a core part of their character
  • The “sorry there’s only one room left in this crappy motel and it only has one bed and there’s no other hotel for miles” cliche


The bad boy/love interest pinning the shy most basic Mc to the wall and the Mc Is describing how muscled he is and the Mc is doing that stupid idle_awkward animation rub arm thing and acting like the bad boy didn’t just grab her and forcefully pinned her against the wall.


When the MC walks into the boys’ restroom (or locker room) and all the boys start staring at her. I feel so awkward when this happens lol


The LI sees the MC talking to some random kid from math class and gets jealous.
(pretty sure I’ve already said this one but oh well)


When the MC goes to a bar, gets drunk, and does something stupid.


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I’ve said this before on a another thread, don’t remember which one, but most romance stories would have the 2 LI decking it out on each other, usually in front of the MC, because they cannot handle their rage and jealously in milder ways…


“She’s different”/“She’s not like the other girls”/She’s something else" etc. - LI’s thoughts about MC in the second episode, without any reasoning. It goes without saying, that the MC is just a basic bitch, but since she is the protagonist, she has to be different. :upside_down_face:


First sight love: MC describing bad boy’s muscles trapped in his leather jacket, his eyes the colour of the sea, full of mischief and lust, and his lopsided/dimpled, overconfident smile. Then he winks… at you. *gasp *

If there is no leather jacket, then there is a tattoo.