Common surnames for italian people

hey guys, i just want to ask for some italian surnames?

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1: Russo
2 : Bianchi
3: Romano
4 : Colombo
5: Ricci
These are the ones I can remember

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I hope this help

Well, i’m from Italy and I guess the most most common one are: Mancini, Ricci, Filosa, De meo, Petrone, Esposito

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Yeah! thanks


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Can u please give me sone italian surnames that starts with E


I think you can check out on wiki list of surnames, I found there few, but for E:


  • Elica
  • Endrigo
  • Endrizzi
  • Eneide
  • Ercolano
  • Errani
  • Esposito
  • Evangelista
  • Emmanuello
  • Endrizzi
  • Enrici
  • Eppolito
  • Ercolani
  • Ercoli
  • Errigo
  • Eruzione
  • Escuti
  • Ettori
  • Eusepi
  • Evangelisti

I just google it and I saw two pages one is like category with A-Z surnames and one is like more common called appendix: Italian surnames :relaxed:

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Thanks dear, it helps

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