Common Tropes/Clichés/Story Twists etc

Right, a lot of authors (upcoming/published it doesn’t matter) struggle with making their story unique and less ‘common/overused’ so therefore I’m making this thread in an attempt to help those people with what to aim to avoid when writing/coding their story! Thread idea credits = @anon60802004 (:

Maf*a Stories =

  • The MC often has 2 brothers and/or 2 male cousins as well as a protective/absent father

  • The MC often has an empathetic mother who tends to want grandbabies as soon as the MC finds a potential partner or the mother is the polar opposite having a careless/abandoning manner who couldn’t care less about the MC

Love Interests (LI) & Main Characters (MC)
  • The MC/LI often have nicknames for each other (i.e = Little Sheep, Little Daisy, baby/babe, gorgeous, handsome etc…) Just use shortened versions of their name (i.e = Emma - Em/Emmy, Brooklyn - Brook/Lyn, Charlotte - Charlie/Lottie etc…)(Make sure that the MC/LI’s friends don’t shorten the name to that though)

  • MC falls for someone in the maf*a (i.e = leader/second in commend)

  • MC gets pregnant and for some reason the mafa LI believes she’s a rat/she ‘backstbbed’ him after some incident occurs. This often results in the LI wanting to kll the MC (Even though he doesn’t find out she’s pregnnt until either the last minute or not far off the last minute)

  • LI is also over powering/toxic/cold/careless and has trust/anger issues

  • The relationship between the MC & LI often includes a power imbalance

  • The LI often gets angry for no reason

  • The MC and LI tend to take their anger/frustration out on each other then end in a ‘good old’ argument

  • MC/LI joins the maf*a and starts ‘getting their hands dirty’

  • The MC/LI’s enemies attack at either the worst/the best moment (Meaning the MC/LI are either fully prepared or not prepared at all)

  • The Maf*a is often Italian/Russian/American/British

High School/Career Romances =

  • Tends to go very quickly (Whirlwind Romance)

  • Teacher & Student Romances

  • Employer & Employee Romances

Love Interests (LI) & Main Characters (MC)
  • A ‘bad boy’ LI & a ‘golden girl’ MC

  • A ‘shy & timid’ MC with a ‘golden boy’ LI

  • LI makes a bet with their mates with a deadline to ‘bed’/kiss the MC

Stories In General
  • Toxic LIs

  • Grammatical Errors!

  • Animating Mistakes!

  • Basic Directing (i.e = No zooms/No character spot placement etc…)

  • Incorrect Representation

I’ll keep adding more to this thread as I remember them (:

Feel free to ask me to go into more detail about ANY of these points above (& any other tropes/clichés you’ve seen or heard of!

Thank you, @/Sydney_H for making sure I get the correct category & making sure that the content doesn’t break guidelines because of the maf*a related terms/content (:

I will add more details to the points mentioned & I will also add more things to avoid etc…soon (:


Thanks for making this.


Quick question, do you know any dystopian story cliches? I’m just wondering if there are any that anyone knows of.

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  • An MC and their group rise against the rules that suppress them and win.
  • It’s normally a group of people whether it’s large or small that are apart of a rebellion. I’ve never seen one where’s it’s only one or two characters fighting against the odds.
  • It’s usually either a very modern and futuristic setting or a run down setting.
  • Someone normally always dies.

Cliche Suggestions to Add:

  • MC’s ex who cheated on them (it’s always either cheating or never mentioning why they broke up)
  • LI’s evil ex who’s made it her life mission to get rid of the MC; usually very popular

What about royal/princess stories lol.

Common tropes:

  • The princess is normally unable to protect herself and relies upon a male companion, particularly a prince who can wield a sword.
  • Princess typically always wears dresses or feminine clothes.
  • Princess is expected to be ladylike, eloquent and diplomatic (but sometimes submissive).
  • The princess is usually not in line for the throne nor have any real power against her male counterparts.
  • Arranged marriages between royalty is almost always used in royalty stories.
  • The princess is typically very beautiful and the prince normally is too.
  • Princess more often than not, falls in love with a prince.


Some I see other than the ones already said:
•Prince and princess are from different kingdoms that hate/ dislike each other and the kingdoms are using there children to bring peace or as some form of agreement.
• Prince and Princess becoming King and Queen and have a child who either gets stolen, rebels, or is some sort of off-spring that people hate because there different or not fit to rule or a first generation mix.
• Prince who has little to know time for the princess and they have a fall out of some sort.
• Also the prince is usually the one in line for the throne, there’s not really any stories with 1 MC where the prince isn’t in line for the throne.


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