Common Writing Mistakes

I really hope this is the right category lol

Anyways, I’d just like to make a thread about grammar mistakes, or just any type of mistake in general.

I’m tired of seeing stories with really interesting storylines that have potential, but they weren’t executed well enough and result in having a weak delivery.

I’m not saying that stories with grammar mistakes are horrible, rather that they could get to the point where it kinda gets annoying.
I get that some people don’t have english as their first languange, and that’s okay.

This thread was made to point out a few common mistakes people make, and not to offend anyone in any certain way.

Then, Than

Then - At that time.
e.g: Back then, I was different.

Than - To compare.
e.g: He was taller than his own dad!

Except, Accept

Except - To exclude something.
e.g: I want all the candy, except for the yellow ones.

Accept - To recieve or agree to something.
e.g: I accept your apology.

Two, To, Too

Two: A number.
e.g: Two is my lucky number!

To: It can be used as a preposition.
e.g: We’re going to the park!

Too: To exaggerate or it can also be used as “also”.
e.g: I think these are too big.

There, Their, They're

There - A place.
e.g: Look over there!

Their - A belonging.
e.g: This is their football, we should give it back.

They’re - A contraction of the words “They” and “are”.
e.g: Do you think they’re in there?

Your, You're

Your - Someone’s belonging.
e.g: Is this your pen?

You’re - A contraction of the words “You” and “are”.
e.g: So what you’re trying to tell me is that we could have done that this whole time?

Were, We're, Where

Were - Past tense of the word “be”.
e.g: We were just there!

We’re - A contraction of the words “We” and “are”.
e.g: We’re doing our homework tomorrow.

Where - A place
e.g: Where are you guys going?

Affects, Effects

Affects - The action.
e.g: How did this affect you?

Effects - The end result.
e.g: Woah did you see that cool effect?

(There are many other common homophone mistakes but these are just some examples that I decided to cover on).


I’d just like to point out that punctuation is a very important factor when it comes to writing, especially if you’re going to write long sentences, or even a paragraph. It affects the flow of the writing, or as my English teacher used to say, it affects the “umph”.

If you’re going to use a comma, use it whenever there’s a conjunction, a list, adjectives, or I guess whenever it feels right - as I don’t really have specific placements for my commas.
Or feel free to use some of the others! Like semi-colons, colons, hyphens and so on.

e.g: Dissatisfied with his grades, the boy furiously tore his paper in half, stomping his way out to the door whilst giving his teacher a sour look. (lol me).

And don’t forget to use p e r i o d s ! ! !
Yes, you could also use a hyphen instead - though that’s only for a continuation - exclamation marks, question marks and periods are used to end the sentence! Use them!

Spelling Mistakes

There’s a spell check tool in Episode in case you haven’t really noticed… use it… please.

If you don’t know how to spell something, then search it up, I’m sure it won’t take you more than two minutes, or even less.


This god forsaken punctuation of which I hate, the apostrophe. [ ’ ]
These are used to indicate possessions or they’re used for contractions (some examples are listed above).
When using an apostrophe to show that this something is someone’s possession, you use it like this:

e.g: This is my brother’s pen.

e.g: This is Walter’s dog.

An, A

When you’re trying to state that there’s something, you either use, “An” or “A”.
So how do you know which one to use?
You use “An” whenever the noun starts with a vowel.
You use “A” whenever the noun starts with something else.

e.g: Look! It’s an elephant!

e.g: There’s a banana on the table.

The Past Tense

A lot of people make mistakes in this area without even realizing. Some words are “irregular” and have a different end result when turned into the past tense instead of the original “ed”.

e.g: I teared my dress.
When it’s actually: I tore my dress.
(Yes, teared is a proper word, but that indicates when someone is crying in the past tense, so be careful with these types of words).

There are a lot of other topics of which I could cover on, but these are just a few that I wanted to talk about.

Feel free to write any other common mistakes that you’ve noticed on Episode.
And never be afraid to ask anyone to grammar check your story.


This is a really nice topic, I get so triggered when I see grammar mistakes! Lol. I’m sure that many people will find this really helpful! :slight_smile:

I hope they do :smiley:

Like, the most grammar mistake that people make is mixing “your” with “you’re”, I’m so glad that somebody finally brought this up! :))

Hopefully they’ll take my advice and apply it to their stories, I love seeing people develop their writing skills.

The occasional you instead of your.

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Agreed! Several of my favorite authors don’t use grammar, for jokes only. Which is probably fine. But, when I find it annoying is when some authors use grammar or punctuation and they just give up on it. I noticed that you can report an author for not using grammar or punctuation, for several sentences. People don’t seem too care, which is kinda a problem. This thread deserves so much viewers. :))

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Thank you for thinking that!

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No problem! I had to report “Loving Latino” and “Hunting Bad” because of their punctuation. Don’t come for me, fans of that story. ;p I just hope that new authors won’t do mistakes like that. But, they are still learning! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I see people in stories sometimes messing up between “your” and “you’re”
Even I am guilty of this and had to read through my episodes to fix it…:sweat_smile:


We’re all guilty of making mistakes from time to time :sweat_smile:
As long as you learn from it, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Omg, I used to do that! Until, my English teacher freaking made a discussion about it and it has been with me, ever since. ;)) It’s normal for many people to do it, people make mistakes and we learn from it. :))

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Thanks :heart:
Am sure this wonderful post will help many :wink:

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This is good for some terms in Canada it’s different so I always feel like I’m arguing with another person just because we have different grammar for where we live even though a lot of it is the same

I know this is annoying but this is a writing correction thread, so:

It’s “I’m” and “many people”.
I’m truly so sorry, but thank you!

One of the perks of going to a British Curriculum School :smile:
I’m glad this thread will help you. Feel free to PM me if you have any grammar or spelling related issue.

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I decided to remove the I for fun. I do that on the forums and when I’m texting but never in my stories or when I’m writing up something important.
Tbh I don’t pay all that much attention to tiny grammar errors on the forums (for sure not when I’m texting :rofl:), I spend all that energy into where it counts= my stories and essays…
But thank you :wink:

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Oh lol, I guess it be like that sometimes then :joy:

Hey Sanityyy, does this sentence make sense?


I feel like it sounds off, you know? Can I get your opinion on it? :))

I’m so sorry I didn’t see this message until now!

We were not done speaking sounds correct in my opinion.
Or maybe it could be we weren’t done with speaking, I’m not sure.
Just don’t add the comma there, I don’t think it fits in.


I advise you that you don’t over-complicate things and repeat it over and over.
The more you repeat it, the more confusing it would sound.

Or you could use other phrases like:



If you get confused, you could always rephrase the sentence and attempt to substitute some words with synonyms as well.