Communication is key

Help, I needz to talk to humans because my dialogue is so cringe-worthy I slapped myself. :grimacing:


I need to talk to humans, by social interaction…

yes. I don’t know how to english anymore without wanting to bang my head into a wall.

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Yeah…I feel ya.


Don’t actually celebrate it, never have. :woman_shrugging:


What about you?

I celebrate it still since I’m still considered young enough for it.

Aahhh, so…What you dress up as this year? or are you just banging on peoples doors dressed as a human?

Do you watch Marvel movies?

sometimes, it’s been a while since I’ve lasted seen a movie. I barely even watch tv now a days, and only binge watch maybe twice every 4 months or so.

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Do you know who Scarlet Witch is?

nah, but she sounds cool.


nvm. she IS cool AF

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I’m going as her, though I look nothing like her…

All you need is le5v7

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Ehhh…I don’t have a good imagination though…

Eh, it’s the thought that counts.

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