Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!

Hey Liz, I don’t know how to put gem choice for outfits?? Please hep me…

Well done, I realise this post was a while ago though I haven’t been on here forever so this is new to me. I think this is great, now user story writers can have additional ways to earn money from amazing stories :))

oh… great… now we might not be able to avoid it at all…


and before the choice

So I just put a Gem choice in my story and was just wondering why it says 15 gems? I thought the first choice was Free and will my readers see it as free?
@Liz :slight_smile:

Since it’s been a year since gems for user stories became a thing, I thought I’d ask if anyone knows what happened with the following…

If you add gems to your own story and try to test it in the app, will it still deduct gems? Or has this been fixed?

And also… what actually happened to the roll out? @ShanniiWrites made a topic in March here and it seems like a lot of us still don’t see gems choices in user stories and instead see them as a regular choice (myself included), so I’m guessing it’s still being rolled out to users?

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Wait a minute…so, this is basically saying that if we use gems, we would have to pay if we want to continue to use gems in future stories? I’ve wondered this for quite a while now. :thinking:

It was a glitch on the mobile app! It actually made you pay for the gems if you pressed the gem choice there, so you had to test them on the web previewer!

oh ok. thx! :blush:

As much as I’d love to be paid for my work, I’m not ever putting gem choices in my story! And I think (hope) many authors feel the same way.

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It wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least choose the amount of gems we want for the choices :frowning:

I guess that would make sense for us to decide ourselves, but I wouldn’t even charge 1 gem.

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Gem choices are just pay to win (or in this case pay to get the best choice). So I will not be caught dead putting them in my stories.

@CoraMae i agree with SO MUCH of what you’re saying! I STRONGLY dislike spending gems for just an extra few measly lines of (probably romantic) dialogue or a dress you wear for one scene. But then it also urks me when the gem choices make up every single choice. Let me see the character development and plot line darn it! So yeah. I dont like that…
Upon thinking about it tho, there are a few additional choices Id actually consider being gem!
For exmp I have this story called Corkscrewed and in it there are a ton of quirky friends you make, so what I was thinking was that maybe once and a while I could do an additional segment to the story where you play in one of the friends perspectives to maybe address a problem they had? So while its not critical to advancing or fully experience the story- it could provide benefits for maybe better knowing how to comfort or understand that character in future non gem choices, if that makes sense?

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Agree :heart:

They still have this option though


Same thing that happened before I guess- nothing (except spending gems if you can see gem choices).
I mean, before this would count to the author’s “gem choices selected” requirement. Now that’s not needed, so this choice is even more useless :rofl: :woman_shrugging:t4: but it will still count towards their 100k gem chapter reads.

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Elise, are you part if the percent that sees gems? I should of asked in that other thread.

I’m not.

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this is pretty neat!