Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!

That feature is still in testing and isn’t out to everyone yet.

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Do I have to sign up for the writers payment thing to use gem choices?

Nope! You can use gem choices without being the Writer Payment program.

Alrighty, but do I earn 25% of the gems that the reader uses?

Two Questions -

Does The Free choice count for the 100k?

When someone replays the story, do they also get the first gem choice free?

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Do I still earn the gems that the reader uses?

Got a third : if I wanted to add a gem choice to the second episode, and not the first, would that one be free?

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You earn a 25% boost to your payments IF you are in the Writer Payments program. If you are not in the Payments program using gem choices can help you qualify faster.

Yes, the free choice counts a gem choice chapter read.

On a replay the first gem choice is no longer free, because its not longer the first time they have encountered it.


So I still doe earn even if I’m not in payments?

The first choice the reader comes across is free, whether that is in the first chapter or the seventh. However, you need to include at least one gem choice per chapter (and be in the Writer Payments program) for the first 10 chapters of your story to qualify for the payment bonus.

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The only way to earn is to be in the Writer Payments program.

So how does it work if you get a mix.
What if you have 480k reads on your normal stories and 45k reads on your gem stories?

And can people edit their current stories to include gems, thus moving their current general chapter read count to gems?

Gem choice chapter reads also count as regular chapter reads, so in your example 45k of your 480k chapter reads would be the gem choice reads.

For the Writer payments counter you can see in portal:
Chapter Reads = regular chapter reads + gem choice chapter reads
Gem Choices Chapter Reads = gem choice chapter reads.

For your second question you can edit existing stories to include gem choices, but only new reads earned would count as gem choice reads.


Awesome, thanks

I’m confused. I read the documents which you added.
Is it possible that we are encouraged to use gems exactly on meaningless choices, which we dislike? I’d report them as meaningless, all of them. Because one inner short scene doesn’t change the story plot itself.

And why would anyone want to pay for a dress? Unless is from shop, I don’t see the reason.

And you encourage that we HAVE TO describe why is that gem choice special - But that ruins the enjoyment!

I as a reader can not read a story which suggests me which choice is the best.

On other hand - I love to write stories with many different outcomes. Results of choices are never visible at that moment - and sometimes not even in the same chapter. I use complex branching and to tell you exactly - one of my stories has in chapter 6 - 34 different variations! That means 34 different stories in one story. It all begins with first choice which influence on character and character’s destiny.

So I’m not allowed to use gems - because it’s against guidelines?


at first, i was heavily opposed to this new feature, but now it seems intreging.

hopefully authors won’t restrict too much content from us by making them gem choices.
i’m excited to test this feature out!


this is really great, I like how the gem choices are priced reasonably and now both writers and readers will feel comfortable using this :blush:


this is pretty neat :smiley:

No, I don’t want gen choices!