Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!


It’s optional, no need to use nor buy them! :wink:




Hey Turtle. The way you suggested to use gems choices is not possible, because the tutorial says that result of used gems must be seen immediately in the same chapter.


That’s weird :thinking:


@TheTurtleTrainer If you show that the points are gained then I’m pretty sure it’s fine. I had choices like that too in my gem story :woman_shrugging:. A small scene with some different dialogue and bonus/replacement points given.


where can i find the templete. I’m not sure if the one I’m using is the knock off because It doesn’t show the gem

Here’s what I’ve used in my unpublished story

He is almost here! I am not ready!

choice (gazebo_makeover)
“Give the gazebo a cute makeover”{
Let’s get this gazebo looking adorable!
}“Run and hide”{
Quick! Let’s hide under the table.


It’s supposed to be < GEMS> at the choice where you want them gems at.


choice (gazebo_makeover)
< GEMS > “Give the gazebo a cute makeover”{
Let’s get this gazebo looking adorable!
}“Run and hide”{
Quick! Let’s hide under the table.


I copy and pasted it to see If I could see the gems and nothing is there. will it work?


idk why they block it on here.


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A lot of authors have said the only gem choice they would include is one that states ‘would you like to pay x gems to support this author?’ Is this allowed? I ask because while it sounds highly reasonable there is no benefit within the story. Is this a gem choice Episode would even allow? Just curious!


I agree!


these choices suck. A bunch of authors can now take advantage of their readers to get on a payment plan instead of just writing a good story and not depriving the readers of options. So greedy.


Honestly I don’t understand that at all.
No one would benefit except for Episode? My understanding is that someone just needs to read the episode for it to count as a gem chapter read. If I spent gems to “support” an author and literally just got a “Thank you” and nothing more, I’d be pretty annoyed lol, especially when I know the gems/cash isn’t going directly to the author (completely different story if it was).
I wouldn’t mind paying some gems for a little bonus scene at the end or something, but I’d like to get something for my money :joy:


I’m not sure if anyone has address this but it would be nice if we the writers could choose the cost of gem choices per choice instead of having every gem choice we implement into our episodes with 2 Gems-15 Gems (depending on how many reads there is) as some choices might not be worth 2 Gems or 15 Gems. Correct me if I’m wrong though.


That’s what I was thinking. Unless they’re already on the payment plan? :thinking:

But also I was more curious if that would even be allowed. Because as you say, you get nothing. But it’s been a pretty common thing going around right now.


You still wouldn’t get anything though. Writers in payments get a bonus 25% for stories with gem choices. It doesn’t matter (for now anyway) if people click on those choices. I think a lot of people are under the impression that the author only gets a benefit if the gems are purchased but I’m fairly certain that’s not the case. Also, adding that to the stories will make readers think that the authors get the gems which isn’t true. So a lot of people may choose to “pay” to support their favourite author not realising that they’ve really paid for nothing. Either way, their read would have count as a gem chapter read.


That’s the exact impression I was under! But more since that choice doesn’t actually do anything within the story would it be a reportable gem choice? I’m asking just because so many are talking about including it and with these clear instructions it doesn’t seem like something authors should do even if it’s allowed. Which you basically agree and confirm it’s silly. But I’d love if Episode would give a clear answer. So I don’t sound… like an asshole? When I tell people including that choice feels wrong. I can say whether it’s allowed or not.


I’ll be reporting it. Just saying :joy: It gives the reader (and author) zero benefit which to me is directly against the guidelines.
But yes a clear answer would be good so we can share it on social media and warn people not to “pay” for nothing. I’m really concerned that people will pay thinking that they’re gifting their gems and cash to their favourite authors.