Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!


Hey sister, I see 15 gems two, we are the chosen ones :heart:


Can this 10-gem cap apply to Episode stories as well? All the gem choices are too expensive and you miss out on a lot.


I was wondering if people would be interested in replacing gem choices with ads, so ads in between reading stories. ? Would you guys like that moreso than gem choices? I think it’ll be a win-win situation on all ends.


well, i don’t fancy listening about “Bob’s FireAnt Away Pesticide” while i’m reading my story. ideally, we’d get gems from watching ads outside our stories.




@Liz, it does look like you all addressed the various issues you discussed with me (and others) when you did the Episode Community Author Gem choices survey, so that is good. I think you did cover a lot of the concerns. I am curious to see how it works out.


It was misleading to me at first because I thought all authors who used them in their stories would get paid. Kind of seems unfair to only have authors in the payment program to get the money.


There will corruption when money is involved.


It was kind of disapproving to small authors who weren’t a part of the Writer’s Payment Program to not get to test the gem choices. And now, when gem choices are released for all, everybody’s like: “I’m not gonna play stories” and all that. I wish there would be something we all could settle on, adding 1 gem choice per chapter using a max of 5 gems is a good to go idea for non-featured stories, leaving the number of reads part. If you have a high number of reads doesn’t basically mean you’re a better author than the one whose story’s play button is left undisturbed for years. It would be great if all the stories, regardless of the reads would get a maximum of 5 gems-choices, and only one premium choice per chapter. People will eventually settle for that, it’s better :smile:


I’m sick of Episode stories having a gem choice and a non-gem awful choice. If you’re going to make one of the choices gems, at least make the non-gem choices more about actually listening to the story and understanding the characters!

I mean, making it harder to figure out which one is the good option, but still having a good option you don’t have to pay for.


My least favorite ones are the ones that don’t even make sense. “Wear this beautiful dress that you apparently already own for 20 gems… or wear these sweats you’ve been in since the start of the story?”


And the ones where your best friend buys you a dress as a gift and you have to pay 25 gems to wear the dress she bought as a gift. Makes me scream every time. :sob:


Question, on the Payment page it says:

“(*2) Every time an Episode user reads a chapter that contains a gem choice from your stories, you will earn a gem chapter read (in addition to earning a general chapter read).”

Does it matter if a reader chooses not to pay for the gem choice? Will your Gem chapter read count go up if a reader reads a Gem chapter but chooses to NOT pay for the gem choice? Or does the Gem Chapter reader count depend on THE READER’s ABILITY TO PAY for the gem choice?

That’s what I’m curious about and am not finding an answer to! Thanks! :slight_smile:


@Liz I’m not sure if you’ve seen @HumanBean 's question yet but I’ve already seen people add “donation” choices to their episodes. I’d really like to know if this is allowed too, especially as it makes readers think that they’re giving the gems to the author.


Honestly, gems are ruining the entire Episode experience.

The reason the app became popular was that it allowed people to enjoy each other’s work with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Now, more and more things are costing money with only a few ways to earn gems without taking money out of your pocket. I, personally, will REFUSE to use this feature and will not be spending a cent towards any story requiring gems. My plots and characters will be 100 FREE as they should be. Get rid of gems or allow readers to earn gems by reading ANY story-- episode or fanmade.


I’m sad and worried that this will become commonplace now Episode has removed its control over gem choices. It’s bad enough at the moment, but can you imagine when people start using Gem choices without any responsibility? I mean, the featured stories are all they have to go by when it comes to demonstrations of what Episode accepts!


This whole “you pay or you fail” attitude is exactly the thing that’s got the Harry Potter app in trouble recently. People are outraged that apps for children and teenagers can be so quick to grab people’s money with no concern for their audience or the ramifications. It’s actually discrimination against people in a poor financial position. I can’t afford to pay for a gem choice and so I have to go with the only other option: suffering through a terrible story I didn’t choose (well done for going against your own slogan, Episode) and being scolded for not paying the ridiculous amount for a choice which may or may not have an impact on the story at large.

The only difference between Episode and the Harry Potter app is that Episode slowly implemented this wage discrimination under our noses.


Personally, I’ve never liked gem choices. I understand it can help smaller authors and whatnot, but I think that it takes away from the experience. If authors do it will and are able to choose a reasonable price, then I’m all for it, but otherwise I’m not going to like or support the feature. I don’t really want to have to spend gems that I don’t have on choices that either don’t matter or are the only good choice. People can, and will, abuse it and I hope more rules and regulations are put in place to stop this from happening. I, also, hope that there are better guides for those who aren’t on the forums, so that they know how to use it properly.

I, personally, won’t be using gem choices in my stories nor reading stories how use them wrongly, but I support those who will use them in amazing ways to make the story better. :heart:


Personally, gem choices have never bothered me if they aren’t going to be intrusive or the story isn’t going to shame me for not being able to afford them. At the moment, most stories basically say “well poor people can’t have good life stories”.


Same. It’s hard to earn gems already and if you want to do a gem choice (if I worded that right), but you don’t have gems and can’t afford/don’t want to pay for them then it could take away from the story. I agree with you fully.