Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!


Yes, this is allowed. However, the Episode team tested this at one point and it did not do very well with readers.


The guide to writing good gems choices is just that, a guide. Its not designed or intended to be a definitive list of what kinds of choices you can and can’t include. One of the things we were most excited about during the alpha and beta tests for this feature was the creative ways to use gem choices that authors came up with. Feel free to experiment!


You earn a gem choice chapter read every time a player reads through your chapter. They do not have to make the gem choice for the chapter read to count.


Ugh, I know :joy:
Like, why can’t MC be online shopping for a dress the night before and the gem choice is choosing to pay for expedited shipping to make sure it arrives in time the next day?


People are doing that already? As in… multiple people have done this? ALREADY?!


Well okay… I’ve seen one :rofl: but there could be more since it’s not a hard choice to add (and it’s a VERY easy way of including gem choices to get gem chapter reads).
But I’ve seen multiple people say that they’re going to do that. I think people honestly think they’ll get the gems? It bothers me that the wording is “would you like to donate gems to the author” when the author isn’t getting the gems. A lot of readers will think they’re supporting their favourite authors when they’re not.



At least word it differently so readers know it’s only there to make it count as a gem chapter read instead of a normal chapter read. People who don’t see the forums probably think they’re giving the author gems


Hahaha yeah: “Do NOT click this. This is just so I can include a gem choice in my story”. It gives readers the impression that they need to pay for choices to support the author where in fact, just reading a chapter with a gem choice adds to the chapter read totals.


Thanks, Liz! :slight_smile:


(I’ll just be stating my opinion in the next few lines, it’s probably not going to get implemented but it doesn’t hurt to speak out)


I think that Episode should do one thing thatshould have been implemented every since gems were created, which is to allow readers to gain gems after all stories, not just featured ones. It’s especially needed now, once gem choices or going to start popping up everywhere now.


Hi. You make some very good points. Did you know you can only get money from gems if you are in the writer’s payment program? You can participate in the gems program and get credit towards being able to take part in the writer’s payment quicker, but you cannot get any money. I think they should not ask any more than 5 gems. And it is not fair that writers who have more reads and as you say may or may not necessarily be a better writer/director than someone with less reads to be able to ask for more gems and make more money.


Those are so unfair. That is why I don’t read too many featured stories. There are a few that I actually liked but the choices were so annoying, I stopped reading them. I wonder if choices like this will be deemed by Episode to be unreasonable choices or not @Liz.


LOL. It is no surprise why many people don’t like the Episode featured stories. I am sure there are other reasons, but silly and annoying choices probably are some of the main ones.


Yeah I do have concerns about this too. Episode says they will monitor the type of gem choices that are made, but who determines what is reasonable or unreasonable? Will it really be fair? I know a number of people who would likely be fair when it comes to choices but there are always a few that take advantage (or possibly more, we don’t know).


If you come across a choice that you are concerned about, please let us know!


Here’s how I see it. If I like the story and the author makes good choices, maybe I would consider making a gem choice once in a while. But Episode should not really make any choices higher than 5 gems. If you are reading a number of stories and even if it is a just a handful of them that have the gem choices, that is likely 5-10 gems per chapter, with multiple chapters read. That adds up fast. I don’t know anyone who could afford that. I would be really annoyed if the author made the story reading experience horrible by putting bad choices and I could not really enjoy the story. So I will only support stories where the author makes good choices and if its an author I like with a good story and choice, I will support them once in a while if I can afford to.


I totally agree. As I mentioned in another post, if you read a lot of stories and even just a handful of them have gems, it adds up very quickly. I don’t know anyone who can afford to buy all those gems to support the stories.


Thank you. Just to clarify though, what would you consider an inappropriate choice?


This sounds amazing! :+1:


@Liz I tested it and instead of 2-10 for the choice it’s showing 15 is that a glitch or?