Community Authors Gem Choices Test

There’s a cap that means authors can’t add any more than 2 gem choices per chapter.

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Ahhhh well that’s definitely better! Did not know that :stuck_out_tongue: I do think there’s alot of miscommunication around these new gem choices.
Some people think anyone can use them and some think you get paid for them and I thought there wasn’t a cap. All of which is false. Thankyou for letting me know :slight_smile:

Yeah, they have a lot of crucial information about gem choices split into two different topics (this one, and the one that Elise quoted from above) which seems to be leading to a lot of misunderstandings.
The good news is that they do seem to be very serious about finding ways to make sure community authors don’t abuse the system and ways to report authors who do try to. I imagine they give those support tickets priority as well since it… you know… involves real money :joy:

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Yeah that all makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for letting me know! It’s super helpful when people like you explain misunderstanding :joy:

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Well this I am not super excited for

Although have you read Love Life? Again they’re not holding their featured stories to the same standard. I’d go so far as to say that there are more gem choices than normal choices!

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Ohhhh, lord. Yes, there were so many that it got ridiculous… and I’ve only read half of the first episode! :joy:
But in this case, I can understand why they’re doing it. They can check their own gem choices for quality (whether we consider them good quality or not is another thing entirely) but they can’t check every single gem choice in a user story for quality and/or abuse.
If it were another feature I’d say they should rely on support tickets to keep it under control, but since gems cost real world money, I can understand why they need to hold users to a different standard.


You guys make good points! I do disagree with Love Life. It was def ridiculous. I didn’t even finish reading it, due to them, but I also think that if they let people with 1k+ reads do it, then I would agree.

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You can only have 2 diamond choices per chapter, but I see what you are getting at.

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Honestly, why even bother letting us reply? I highly doubt anything we say will even be considered.
I mean, if they were listening, the gems system wouldn’t be what it is.
I have no problem with a company making money. But they also ruin a lot of their stories.



Does the author get the gem if the reader chooses the gem choice?

Authors in the payment program get a 25% bonus on any stories with gems in it.
Authors not in the program have an “easier” way to qualify (you need 100k gem chapter reads in 2 months with 300 gem options chosen).
But the authors do not get the gems.

OH thanks.

Gems in itself are fine when used right. Its how they are used that pisses people off. Ive noticed regular writers use them in a better fashion. Its the episode writers that use them to soley empty your pockets. Charging 20 gems for everything then charge $5.99 for like 50 gems. I can only get 2-3 choices out of that. Not much of an incentive for me to buy. Then in their stories they charge for useless options. No im not paying 20 gems for an outfit ive gotten for free in 20 other stories. Then when you dont chose the gem option they low key shame you for it. The non gem option is a homeless outfit and other characters mocking you in the next scene. Then there times when you choose a nice outfit then something stupid happens and you cant even go anywhere in it. Wtf?!. Gems should be for things like unlocking exclusive content, special scenes and other cool shit. Stuff that doesnt ruin your reading experience if you happen to not choose it. Jeez louise


PRECISELY! Really regret spending gems on this story. Like 3 gem choices is what I think I spent? the one gem choice that ACTUALLY unlocked a bonus scene (outfit gem choices didn’t unlock any scene other than like 2 pieces of dialogue, despite author in reader messagers saying otherwise), was miserable. It was the choice whether you wanted to go on some private lunch date (lol) with Michelle/Michael.

I replayed the story to try new paths and yes, as you said, outcome is the exact same for the story overall or just the scene. I feel cheated out of my gems now :confused: At least have bonus scenes that WON’T have to affect the plot, but a nice bonus as compensation, ya know?

I don’t regret spending gems in Fake Love True Love, which I spent the most on. I liked the story, tho it got better later on. It’z not perfect, but I liked the characters and plot a lot more than the former mentioned story. I’ve also been spending gems on the new Love Life story admittedly. But that’s mostly because thats the only Featured Story I can tolerate and because there are otherwise no Featured Stories I’m honestly interestef in.

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I say Nay Nay!

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Is this feature going to continue forever because it isn’t a good one and many of the writers will loose their readers which will not cause any benefit toh anyone so according to me it should be removed as soon as possible and the other one is that why are we unable to the profile of the authors because they suggest good stories and i am unable to find a good one through myself.

I know this is like 2 years later but I would absolutely buy and use gems if any author did this! I love feeling like I have then option to support a writer and am not forced to spend 30 bucks for 3 episodes. If this was a thing I would gladly spend 30 bucks on that author.

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Preach :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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