Community Authors Gem Choices Test

I disagree patently. For one, Episode has been out since 2014 - that’s 4 years - and in this time, they’ve been running the app fine because ads are actually pretty lucrative.

Two, a lot of people are complaining about the cost of gems and not the fact that they purely exist. People have an issue with the fact that it’s an app aimed at YOUNG GIRLS who don’t really have a reliable source of income and it’s taking away their ability to choose the story they want without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t know what the currency is like where you’re from, but TWO CHOICES (around 25 gems each) costs £5 where I’m from. That’s madness. I could get two coffees for that price… or a whole lunch meal… for 30 seconds of extra content. It would cost LESS for people to pay a one-off price for the app than it does to rely on gems!

Three, this is a FORUM for us to voice our opinions and concerns. It’s completely understandable and acceptable for people to voice their concerns about how Episode is limiting their experience if they don’t use THEIR OWN MONEY. It is, after all, their money. They have a say in where it’s going and that doesn’t make people spoilt.

Four, nothing will change if we don’t make a point to say when we’re not happy. I hate when people defend Episode with things like this. Episode is a company that’s MADE by its fans, so if we want to say we’re unsure about something like gem choices, that’s all on us.

Five, many people have agreed with me when it comes to the idea of a subscription that gives you access to gem choices for a small monthly fee. People don’t have a problem with paying. It’s about making us feel like we are being heard and we’re not being exploited.

Six, this was kinda rude of you.

Seven, they get their money from AD REVENUE… and have done so for years. Ads are lucrative.

Eight, this is a COMMUNITY AUTHORS gem choices test. People are concerned that others will overuse and misuse the gem choices for choices that don’t affect the wider story.

Nine, why do you seem to think that Episode is free from criticism but you can throw around abuse because people are politely discussing whether or not gem choices for COMMUNITY stories is a good idea?

Ten, you commented 28 days - four whole weeks - after everyone else on here. Why are you re-starting this when clearly everyone else has moved on?


Agreed! I myself am writing a story currently and I would never use gem choices because I know how much I hate them. It’s so discouraging! It made me give up on ALOT of stories because the options just weren’t worth the gems. What will stop authors from making every choice gemmed so you can’t continue the story without spending gems?!

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they cost 2 diamonds lol

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My biggest issue is that they charge too much to use gems in the story. Make the choices more meaningful and make them cost less and in my opinion people would have less complaints about it.


Where exactly did you get that number from? Where does anything say 2 gems? It costs 5 just to skip ads.


I think for choosing the gem option it depends on how many reads either the story or the author has (I don’t remember which). The fewer the reads, the cheaper the gem options are, and I think it started from 2.
They may have reworked the system, though. I’m not sure, because gem choices still show as regular choices for me in user stories.


I believe that was only for the test… I haven’t seen 2 gems anywhere since anyway but I could be wrong too

While a User Story with gem choices is a ‘hidden gem’ the choices will be even cheaper. If a story has less than 10k reads, gem choices will be only 2 gems. When a story has between 10k and 100k reads, gem choices will be 5 gems. Once a story gets over 100k reads, gem choices will be 10 gems.

Taken from:

It was 15 for the test. But like @Caitoriri, they still show as regular choices for me


It doesn’t matter. For user stories what if someone made every choice gemmed at 2 gems. Okay it’s only 2 gems at first but they add up quickly. If someone had 10 choices in 1 episode that’s 20 gems per episode. No offence but I don’t trust authors to be kind with the amount of gem choices they put in a story.

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There’s a cap that means authors can’t add any more than 2 gem choices per chapter.

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Ahhhh well that’s definitely better! Did not know that :stuck_out_tongue: I do think there’s alot of miscommunication around these new gem choices.
Some people think anyone can use them and some think you get paid for them and I thought there wasn’t a cap. All of which is false. Thankyou for letting me know :slight_smile:

Yeah, they have a lot of crucial information about gem choices split into two different topics (this one, and the one that Elise quoted from above) which seems to be leading to a lot of misunderstandings.
The good news is that they do seem to be very serious about finding ways to make sure community authors don’t abuse the system and ways to report authors who do try to. I imagine they give those support tickets priority as well since it… you know… involves real money :joy:

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Yeah that all makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for letting me know! It’s super helpful when people like you explain misunderstanding :joy:

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Well this I am not super excited for

Although have you read Love Life? Again they’re not holding their featured stories to the same standard. I’d go so far as to say that there are more gem choices than normal choices!

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Ohhhh, lord. Yes, there were so many that it got ridiculous… and I’ve only read half of the first episode! :joy:
But in this case, I can understand why they’re doing it. They can check their own gem choices for quality (whether we consider them good quality or not is another thing entirely) but they can’t check every single gem choice in a user story for quality and/or abuse.
If it were another feature I’d say they should rely on support tickets to keep it under control, but since gems cost real world money, I can understand why they need to hold users to a different standard.


You guys make good points! I do disagree with Love Life. It was def ridiculous. I didn’t even finish reading it, due to them, but I also think that if they let people with 1k+ reads do it, then I would agree.

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You can only have 2 diamond choices per chapter, but I see what you are getting at.

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Honestly, why even bother letting us reply? I highly doubt anything we say will even be considered.
I mean, if they were listening, the gems system wouldn’t be what it is.
I have no problem with a company making money. But they also ruin a lot of their stories.