Community Badge Icons Voting - Ice Breaker



It’s time for the community badge art voting period to begin! Just a reminder, you will only be able to vote until April 16th!

Ice Breaker: You posted your first comment or reply

Which icon best fits this badge?

  • icebreaker%20-%20Himawari%20none by Himawari
  • updayte_burned_50x50%20-%20TheNerd%204Realby TheNerd4Real
  • 116B10D3-B418-4905-A92A-41BA7D642E12 by RudeInception
  • Badge%20-%20Mashia%20Chowdhury by Mashia
  • 5A997754-A3E9-4752-BD42-72183A456F09%20-%20Gabby%20King by GabbyKing
  • ice%20breaker%20-%20Lauren%20M by epylauren
  • Untitled286_20180308233855%20-%20Chynna by BoredBabe
  • Icebreaker%20Badge%20-%20SuperSimsGirl%20Tumblr by Bethanyk14
  • Icebreaker50%20-%20Mira%20Morsoe by Mira M
  • ICE%20BREAKER%20EPISODE%20-%20Ritu_D by ritud.episode
  • icebreaker%20-%20Ka%C3%ADla%20Amour by synecdokai

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shouldn’t this thread just be closed?



should this thread be shut down?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will handle it from here. :sunglasses: