Community Badge Icons Voting - Monthiversary



It’s time for the community badge art voting period to begin! Just a reminder, you will only be able to vote until April 16th!

Monthiversary: You’ve been a member for 30 days!

Which icon best fits this badge?

  • 89F4A515-B19B-4107-AC10-A1E9635CCECB by RudeInception
  • Monthiversary50%20-%20Mira%20Morsoe by MiraM
  • by nay.episode
  • jpeg by RMM
  • 32%20PM%20-%20PastelLps by L.M. Taylia
  • EPISODE%20MONTIVERSARY%20-%20Ritu_D by ritud.episode
  • F319C98A-4E0A-4E9A-9CE0-FD53D82D12D4%20-%20Gabby%20King by GabbyKing
  • monthiversary%20-%20Lauren%20M by epylauren
  • Monthiversary%20-%20Olivia%20Rowley by LivLoveDance7
  • 30%201a%20copy%20-%20Maayan%20Dror by m-d
  • monthiversary%20-%20Himawari%20none by Himawari
  • monthiversary%20-%20Ka%C3%ADla%20Amour by synecdokai
  • Monthversary%20-%20Chi%20- by Queenie
  • %20Lee by Rubyllee
  • Untitled%20design%20-%20Souris%20D by granolias

0 voters


Mine got here thank you!

People please vote mine (it had a better resolution originally but it’s so small)


I hope people will vote honestly and not only friend’s badge, but the badge which is clear, with good resolution and which serves the intention.


Good luck to those who entered! All the badges look incredible and show the episode theme!


@mods , when will we see the new badges?


It’s been like two months… What’s happening with these badges?


@Jeremy @Ryan @Liz


Looking into this. Thanks for the nudge.


I just got the Monthiversary, has anyone else gotten a few of the others?


I got the monthiversary one too, but no others