Community Badge Icons Voting - Speaking Up



It’s time for the community badge art voting period to begin! Just a reminder, you will only be able to vote until April 16th!

Speaking Up: You started your first topic

Which icon best fits this badge?

  • Speak%20Up%20Badge%20-%20SuperSimsGirl%20Tumblr by Bethanyk14
  • speakup%20-%20Himawari%20none by Himawari
  • 238CC24B-437A-4B50-A50A-C14FA21BDA30%20-%20Gabby%20King by GabbyKing
  • %20Lee by Rubyllee
  • speaking%20up%20-%20Lauren%20M by epylauren
  • speakingup%20-%20Ka%C3%ADla%20Amour by synecdokai
  • jpg by MiraM
  • EPISODE%20SPEAKING%20UP%20-%20Ritu_D by ritud.episode

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Were this badges used btw?


When you create your first topic.