Community Gem Choices Gone?

Hey! So, I read a bunch of episodes from several community stories today, and it seems like community gem choices are gone from my application?

They show up as regular choices when it’s evident they’re “support the author” and “points” choices.

Did this happen to anyone else? What does this mean for the authors I’m trying to support?


You know what, I didn’t connect this as an actual issue until I read this post and realised the same thing happened in a story I was reading earlier. I had assumed the author just made an error in their coding since the chapters I read yesterday had working gem choices. But I just went back and tested it on a story I know has gem choices at the end as well as the top trending story in the romance genre at the moment and it’s the same thing.

You’re right; they don’t even appear as gem choices. I’m not sure how it will affect ranks or gems that go toward payments for authors in the payments program.

Edit: OP, do you use iOS? I know they’re rolling out the removal of a few features in the process to making updates to the iOS app and I’m wondering if the missing gems is related to that.


Nah, the OP is right. It’s choices that have been coded as gem choices that for some reason are showing up as regular choices and not collecting gems. It’s happening to me too. It might be related to some of the updates to the iOS version of episode that they’re rolling out


That’s weird

Thank you for the illustration! I forgot to take screenshots because I was in a hurry!

I use Android! Which I know is prone to glitches and “outdated features”, but this just seems too confusing. I remember there was a time where community gem choices didn’t show up for everyone, but I thought we were long past that :joy:

Whatever happened here, I hope gems keep counting. I literally read extra content for free. I felt like a thief!

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So weird. Yeah, I know android has been glitchy and they just announced updates to iOS removing a bunch of features, but I assume it’s not intentional since episode makes a lot of money from gem choices :skull:

Typically, they don’t count as gem choices unless gems are actually collected (which as far as I know was true before everyone saw community gem choices) so I’m a bit worried about how it will affect ranks, especially with a contest coming up :sob:

Edit: I have some friends who are still seeing them tho so i have no idea :man_shrugging:t2:

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IOS is none of my business, you know? However, I’m still curious as to why an update would REMOVE features, since Episode likes to take their time to fix them :sweat_smile: (I don’t know if fanmail, for instance, was causing bugs in Android devices… but I’m still waiting for it to come back :upside_down_face:)

And about the gems not counting, I’m incredibly disappointed. I had stocked up some gems with the new “shard” feature to support stories I enjoy. Now they’ll be sitting there until Episode decides to give me back community gem choices, which may happen, I don’t know… in 2023 :no_mouth:

I’m aware that they like gems, but I can’t help being worried. They did take more than a year to release community gem choices to everyone, if I remember correctly.

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