Community: What’s Your DOB


So I know not much people will do this or have done this, who knows. But just in case, I’m the type of person who like to wish people a very happy birthday. I’m very cheerful sometimes when it comes to Birthday or any holidays. Because to me, I never celebrate my birthday (sadly and it is personal. But not that I don’t love to celebrate it) and it is such a good thing to celebrate your birthday and cherish every moment you’ve grown out of those years and basically enjoying yourself and be happy but this is not only me wanting to know ONLY your date of birth (not your year) but it also to see if someone have the exact same birthday month and date as you.

I know on here here is a cake at the top of your username or at the end of your username but it takes long to find someone who got that to even wish them a happy birthday. So feel free to put once again ONLY YOUR DATE OF BIRTH. I know the staff and administrators members, etc might not take part into this, lol but hoping they do and it’s fun and get to see who’s your birth twin is (not literally twin) but you get what I mean. This goes for EVERYONE who want to take part into this.

So I’ll start. Mine is October 27


August 2 :slight_smile:

Nice idea :slight_smile:


July 31 :grin:


December 9


March 23rd


Thank you.


October 13th


December 15


August 29 (Today) :joy:


happy birthday!

mine is june 19 :joy: sometimes my birthday is on Father’s Day :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday!


June 18th!


We’re close


Hpb :3




Thanks Teah!


Thanks you!!


Gluborg 152627th (Alien Birthday.)


June 11


October 18th :grinning: