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Hi, in my story the actress is an undercover agent who pretends to be a model in order to capture the secretary of a modeling agency who murders models and beautiful women out of jealousy, and I want every time she says “the name of the modeling company she’s from” it will be automatic…I forgot what the code is?

If it’s a company name that you’ve chosen… rather than a company name that the reader chooses, then the easiest thing to do is to name a character as the name of the company and that way you can just mention it with ease. Just name the character “company” [or something else short, so that it’s not too long] then change the Display name to the actual company name. That way whenever a character speaks and mentions that specific character, the company name will appear in its place.

In order to mention the company you need to write it like, for example:

&CHARACTER is talk_handsonhipsneutral_loop

The script name in the [ ] brackets will automatically change to the name of the character that is named after the company.

But if you’re letting readers choose the name of the company, then you do it in a similar way to how they input their own character name… by letting them type in their own choice.

You mean like this:
music music_zen_lp
@cut to zone 2
&TOMAS spot 1.180 162 139 in zone 2 and TOMAS faces left and TOMAS is idle and TOMAS moves to layer 1
&ANNA spot 1.180 248 109 in zone 2 and ANNA faces left and ANNA is idle_worried_loop and ANNA moves to layer 2
@pause for 4.5
Hello I’m Beverly Klein, the new model…
@pan to zone 2
TOMAS (talk_excited_happy)
Hi, I’m so glad you come…
ANNA (talk_doubtful)
Who send you? what company?
&BEVERLEY spot 1.180 233 189 in zone 1 and BEVERLEY faces right and BEVERLEY is idle and BEVERLEY moves to layer 3
BEVERLEY (talk_apathetic)
I came from…

Avatar - Name Input {

So... what's the company name?

label company_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your Company Name?|Done(COMPANYNAME )

if (COMPANYNAME is “”) {

You do need a  company name...

goto company_name_input

} else {


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When I used the method for readers to choose their nickname, it stated “what is your nickname” twice. Not sure if that’s an important factor or not, but before “company name” yours states “what is your first name” | “what is your company name”.

All I know is that the method I used worked. [See screenshot.]
Like I said, I’m not sure if both of the inputs need to state the same thing or not. I’d double check on the app, just to ensure that it works.

When done correctly it should come up like:

And then characters should say the company name, whenever you write: [COMPANYNAME] within their dialogue.

I write it by in the app when my charater say that i can write but I see COMPANYNAME

In character creation, did you change the Display Name?!

I didn’t have a charather with this name

I think maybe you’re not entirely understanding what I said and that’s okay. :blush: But I don’t really know how else to word it. :thinking:

Do you think you could understand and follow Dara’s guide?! I’ll link it, and maybe you’ll find her wording easier to understand.

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Yes I’ll see maybe I’ll understand there…
Thank you.

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