Complaining about people not doing your requests // RANT

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Is it just me or people don’t do your requests or take their longest to do it?

I have done it a few times, because of school and homework and crap…but some people have not been doing my requests.

I requested something about a month ago, still not finished.

Rant thread for this, Feel free to share reasons and debates, and swear.


Double that, mi amigo.

I decided just to become a solo author now… none of my partners would contact me X’D

what did i do wrong :sob:

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I don’t know. If it’s free they have no obligation to even do it. So you don’t really have the right to get mad.
A lot of people who request will just slam their details in your thread and expect you to do it.
I had someone hit me with a long request and I didn’t respond right away, they got super pissed.
Artists receive a lot of disrespect…


Maybe theyre going through a lot at the moment. Maybe their art program isnt working? I understand that they should give a notice but artists shouldnt be forced to do your requests, they have lives too.


I think what really gets me and I tell them from the get go that if they feel they can not do it or they try and can’t or just flat out don’t want to do it to let me know so I can move on and trty someone else. I my self have had to tell someone I couldn’t do a cover because it was to much for me. I understand it’s free and they have no obligation to complete it I just find it extremely rude when you say you’re going to do it and I simply message you and say hey no rush take your time you have no deadline because I never give one because I know art takes time and you just ignore me don’t say anything weather hey yeah I haven’t got to it yet I’m working on it thanks for checking in or I can’t do it it’s just a simple answer would be nice. I have had someone tell me they can’t do a cover for me and I was okay with it I was great full they told me. :blue_heart::blue_heart:

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An editor/artist has a life. You don’t know what’s going on in it, they are doing you a huge favour by creating something for you! They may not have a lot of free time, because of work, school or other commitments, and when they do get free time, they should not have to spend it making art for someone just because the requester will have a tantrum when they don’t get what they want when they want it. Respect the time it takes to make art, and if you want people to be nice enough to create for you, wait. You have no right to rush them, put yourself in their shoes and don’t be disrespectful.


I’m kind of an artist. I did take a long time to make the art because I was doing it for the first time. I kept updating the person and stuff… The person who requested was really nice and willing to wait.
I feel like if you’re going to take a long time or notice: Oh, wait, I have a request I didn’t know about! - Make sure to inform the person getting the request about the situation. (also- that goes the same way if you’re receiving the art and you either don’t like it or realize you don’t need it)

I think people should be more considerate to artists, especially if they are making it for you, for free. Whenever I request I always say to them: Don’t rush it! Do it on your own time, there’s no rush! Because I want the best piece of art possible, and for the artist to do their best work with no stress!


I understand your point, however it is frustrating when they don’t even reply. You have no idea if they are doing your work or not, and if you need artwork for a contest that can be really stressful. I am never disrespectful to an artist… I needed something done quite quick and simply once said:

Hey how long do you think this will take?

I was totally attacked by forumers who ‘told me to have manners’ and ‘wait my turn’. I understand that the artwork is free but I do feel it is ignorant and rude to not reply to a request.

–takes a deep breath–


Ignoring someone is not the best approach, but I was referring to if someone has said once they’d make art, then that should be the end of it, the requester should not by any means ask the artist when it will be done. Although, if someone puts a request in when the artist clearly doesn’t accept requests, then they have every right to ignore someone because they obviously can’t read.


Some people that you may requested to do something for you takes time to do and to work on, but maybe their taking so long so because of school, etc. They may give you an update or not to see the progress their doing, and if they are taking so long to finish your request then just ask someone else.

I have request from people that I have not started as yet because of school, etc, and things tends to wait, but if they can not wait longer then they may ask someone else to do it.

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So your saying never ask when the artwork needs to be done? Could you elaborate on that?

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If an artist has said they’ll make you artwork, don’t message them saying “when will my request be done?”. They have a life, and it may be really hectic, and these kind of messages do not help.


Art takes time to do, and cant be rushed.

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omg that’s exactly why i got slammed by so many other people. the art was taking like a month and i asked “is my background almost done?” and WOW so many people got mad at me. they were like “it takes so much work for artists to make backgrounds and it’s just so rude to not be patient” and then the artist said for me to go find someone else ://

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You guys are all right. You could never know what happens on anyone’s personal life :woman_shrugging: If anything’s wrong, they should tell you why it’s taking time.

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They don’t owe you an explanation though.


Not an explanation, just a “Hey, I’m going through something, it might take a little longer”

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I respectively disagree. From a readers perspective it can be different though… simply asking when a request will be done doesn’t come across as rude, and it has been shot down on many accessions. If someone says they will make art for you, then I think the person has right to know when it will be finished, as long as they do so in a respectful and non-repetative kind of way. I feel that simply asking is fine.


I am background editor, and background are not really much to work on for me, I am fast sometimes with my fantasy backgrounds, but other people may be kinda want to take their time on making backgrounds for others i guess.

Wait a minute…well people HAVE to be patient sometimes, you can’t rush them.