Complaining about people not doing your requests // RANT


Hmm okay, but if something’s going on in someone’s life, telling someone impatient that their art will take longer will definitely not be their top priority.


This is only a rant thread. I requested from an art group, and it’s been a month :woman_shrugging: Some artists can do it and some can’t


This is definitely a good topic, honestly.


Yeah tbh I am enjoying this :joy:




Im glad you are!


If you ask the artist at the time, “Just so I know, how long do you think it will take?” that’s okay, but when you simply request something from an artist, you are signing up to the wait however long it may be. And it comes across as impatient if someone is keeping tabs on the duration of the wait.


Yes, I didn’t ask anything specifically, I said I don’t care who does it, there must be one person open?


There’s a lot more to a person than you see, especially when they’re behind a screen online. Maybe all of them are going through something, you don’t know.


Toché, I agree :clap:


The subject of this thread is one of the main reasons why I never request from others :dizzy_face:


The title of this thread is one of the reasons I don’t do requests :woman_shrugging:


i salute you


Preach :raised_hands:t2:


To be completely honest, it’s threads like these that make artists (myself included) refuse to do requests. Lately it appears that there is a trend in complaining about artists and it’s so discouraging and unfair. We all have lives, real lives that take priority. Sometimes things happen and drawing a picture you’ve promised to a stranger online, for a story app, for free, doesn’t tend to be at the forefront of our mind.

And with these threads, I don’t think any of you realise that the chances of an artist agreeing to do work for you, after reading this is unlikely. We draw for fun, not to be criticised.


Exactly, it’s really difficult for someone who just wants to practice art, I had a thread asking if I could use peoples characters as models and somehow without asking it turned into a request thread, and I felt like I had to finish the requests. So I didn’t enjoy making art because I felt pressured.

Now that I am not taking requests or anything of that sort I feel much happier with my art because I don’t feel rushed and I know that I can take all the time I need on it, or if I don’t like it I can drop it without someone complaining on a thread like this :disappointed:.


That was such an awful thing for people to do. I’m glad you’re much happier now though.

With all the threads I’ve seen (I saw some of yours) and posts on Instagram, artists are treated like machines. They take on requests and then close after taking on a certain amount, people then complain they’re closed for requests, then those waiting for their request to be finished complain about how long it takes and even go a step further by trying to publicly shame them - like this.

Just be grateful :woman_shrugging: Patience isn’t impossible and appreciation means a lot.


well said both of u.


I always try to respect the artist, or the reviewer, or the beta reader, etc… etc… Especially since they’re doing it out of the kindness of their hearts! Sometimes I do ask how long it might take (I don’t do this often as I don’t request that often) if it has been like (let’s say a few weeks), just so I know that the person doing my art work is going to work on it or still wants to do it. I’ve never meant it as: HEY FINISH UP! I also tell the artist upfront if I’m not interested in having the art anymore.
I take a long time writing my stories and stuff, so time isn’t an issue for me.

I’m so grateful to all artists out there who just do this all day, just working on requests. I’m grateful to all the artists who put a lot of work and effort into their projects. I’m interested in doing art too, I’ve done an art scene before and was pretty satisfied with it. But I’m pretty new to all those digital drawing apps and stuff.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:- these hearts are for all the artists out there on episode who do this for free. You guys are literally the best.


oh geez, now I feel guilty because some people made me requests quite a long time ago and I still haven’t started it. But, idk, i lost inspiration, I am busy af and I do feel like an a*s for not doing it ( but I will, I promised to myself ), but I just can get motivation to do it :\