Ok so i was bored so why not make a terrible game?

You just have to continue a story by adding a phrase/sentence.

The story ends when someone says END (has to be in bold)

I’ll start.

There was this man…

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Who always wore the color purple …

And everyone would laugh at him.

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Due to his insane obsession with pickles…

The next morning…

He jumped out of bed and …

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Threw a jar full of stale pickles out his window.

He then screamed out the top of his lungs “PICKLE RICK”

** If you know pickle rick , you’re awesome :sunglasses:


Everyone outside saw the stale pickles and got curious.

So they ran to their kitchens and …

Luckily, their pickles were still there.

He then got dressed and decided to head over to the zoo…

But what he saw instead was…

A clown with a balloon :balloon:

So he ran away

But the clown chased after him.

He started to panic.

The clown laughs like crazy still holding the balloon.

He ran and ran until he reached the zoo…

They were both exhausted, but the clown passed out.