*Complete* Josephine (LL) 💙 ❤️ - Romance 2 LI - 50k reads!

Ok. 5x5. I read one. And tagged you in Instagram.

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I’ve started yours💜
I just got to chapter 3

Episodes 19-20 out Thursday!

Episodes 19 & 20 have been dropped!!!

Looking for romance?

Episodes 21 to 23 are out people. Enjoy!

Episode 24 is out!

Episode 25 out now!

3 more episodes to go. Ending Dec. 2020.

Okay, I’m too excited not to share. I just coded the last scene. :sob::sob::sob:

Episode 26 is out! Get ready! You pick your man in Episode 27 :heart:

Currently hosting an art giveaway

I’m so happy. Thank you everyone who read my story and helped it get to 50k reads :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Bump. Currently ranked at 214 in romance :heart: