Complete the Scenario!

Hey there! I thought it might be fun to each come up with a scenario and try to complete it in our own unique way… It may inspire us to write some great stories!


1st person: Someone’s put a spell on you to switch bodies with a famous person (dead or alive) for 24 hours… What would you do?

2nd person: I would… (write what you would do here and suggest another scenario)

Let’s start with the scenario suggested in the example. Have fun! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just tagging a few people here to get some more voices. (I apologize if you don't want to be here):

Let me know if you don’t want to be tagged…
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I would switch with the David Attemborough to see some unique animal species :thinking: :joy:

Scenario = You have 48 hours to find the ‘love of your life’ where would you start your search? (:


I would start at my favorite places. If they like those places too then they are guaranteed to be my soulmate :joy:

and they must have good music taste :musical_note: :relieved: :joy:

but where exactly? the internet because my introverted ass doesn’t go outside much :upside_down_face:

Scenario: You have 1 minute only to find the impostor among us, which questions do you ask?


I would ask the following:

  • What is a lie you often tell people?
  • What is your best friend’s name?
  • Why are you on the forum?
  • How long have you been on Episode?
  • What is one story you’ve read that can be found in your recommended section on the app?

Scenario: You get to be any being you see in fantasy stories for an hour… what would you do? :joy:


Id be princess tiana… I love New Orleans!! Id be eating all the girls good foods or chilling with mama ody

You get bit by a zombie.who would be the last person you spend time with


i would swicth with michelle rodríguez from the movie fast and furious because how she drives in those movies wow

scenario: if you could be any character from any story on episode wich story en who would it be?

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If it’s the last person I spend time with as a human- definitely either my mom or dad… but if I’m a zombie, then it would be with someone who I don’t think deserves redemption… (not going to name anyone specifically :sweat_smile:)

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I think there was a bit of confusion about who to respond to, so the next person can start with responding to the scenario proposed by Xespisode.s :relaxed:

This is such a fun idea! Thanks for the tag, @DesiLadki!

If I could be any character from a story from Episode… I guess I’d love to be Easter Eden from The Frontier by Kay Elle. Sure, you get to play as them; but the Wild West and 1800s in general is one of my favourite time periods to learn about, and experiencing it firsthand would be amazing. Especially under the conditions of which Eden gets to experience.

Of course, I’d probably fare much better without the alcoholism…

Scenario: What would you do if you woke up one morning having traded bodies overnight with your (hypothetical) crush?


@software Thanks for participating! Hopefully, more people will want to join in :relaxed:

If my hypothetical crush and I switched bodies, I would…

  1. Pinch myself
  3. Text/call the person in my body and find a way to discuss important things we should know about each other for the time being
  4. Pretend to be working on a project with this hypothetical person so that we can figure out how to get back in our bodies (once I calm down) -in order to prevent too many personal secrets and embarrassing things from getting revealed

New Scenario: What would you do if you discovered how to time travel?


Stop COVID-19 from existing.

You’re kidnapped by a SEXY stranger…who happens to be the leader of the BIGGEST mafia clan in Chicago!

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I would stay with him.

New Scenario : What would you do if you could get only 10 minutes to stay alive or you kill someone to stay alive

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I would go kill that one ex-boyfriend who left me for that Botoxed barbie as let’s face it I deserve to live
more than him
new scenario: if you the worlds most famous tiktoker what would you do, make beef with charlie d’amelio or threaten Addison rae you will steal her boyfriend



I would make beef with charli

new scenario : if you the worlds most famous tiktoker and got something that can destroy Charli’s career would you do it?


100% i’d drag her

even though i love her

new scenario: would you be apart of the clubhouse or hype house


I will jump off a cliff before I enter any of the houses.

scenario: you are going to jail unless you recite a song word by word. What song are you picking?


Any song!!

new scenario : would you rather be a famous tiktoker or a famous writer?

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I would go back inside my house and eat pizza.

Scenario: You have 50 minutes to gather all of the artists on the forums and tag them in a thread. How do you do it?

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I summon our Lord and Savior, Kenneth Branagh.

Scenario: You are the MC in an Episode Original. What is the plot?

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