Complete Writing Partner

Hey guys, I am looking for a complete writing partner,I tried to make a team…didn’t last long Lol. I wanted to ask the community if anyone wanted to be my complete writing partner for a story. This partner would be in charge of basically everything and you could call it a big writing project. My story is Fantasy, called My Royal Beginning. I am looking for someone who can do advance coding. Thanks again guys feel free to dm me and ask any questions, and I want to be absolutely committed. I also wanted to say that I am on Eastern time so it would be easier if you were close to that. Thank you!!!


Hey, I’m interested

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I am interested!I love fantasy.I am just writing one fantasy story.Btw I am good at coding.I have coded in Episode since I was 6.I think we could make a great team :sparkling_heart:!

Miss Barbie

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What are you thinking about? Like how idk what the right word is

I can’t understand

Have you written anything before?

No.I am new hear

Are you working on a story?

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I would love to help!!!

I would love to help! I guess I’m an advanced coder? I can do zooms, overlays, points system, etc.

I need help writing my fir story I’m stuck and I could really use a partner