Completed stories or stories in progress?

Just curious about what you guys think.

I usually go for the completed stories since in the past, stories that I’ve grown attached to ended up incomplete because the author lost interest or just took a really long break.

Do any of you actually prefer stories in progress? If so, I’d be curious to know why.

  • Completed stories all the way
  • It doesn’t matter to me
  • Prefer stories in progress

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Tbh, as long as the author plans on finishing the story, I don’t give a shit.


Sam, but I don’t like authors who take a week to a month to upate


I pretty much update weekly but it’s hard when it takes so long for overlays and backgrounds to be approved.


I’m currently trying to write something too, and my first thought was to complete the whole story before publishing it, but I realized it might be a bit hard to keep yourself motivated to write in private.

Do you feel the same?

It’s always nice knowing for sure a story will be completed to the end and having content to binge read, but it’s kind of fun following along with the author and their updates to the end of the story. I’ll say I prefer completed stories, but I wouldn’t shy away from reading a story just because it’s currently in progress either.

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I know you weren’t asking me specifically, but very difficult lol.

I think nobody seeing your work can be very demoralizing, but if you’re struggling to write, posting too many in-progress posts can make you feel like you’re making false promises. I’ve started keeping things more to myself and just sharing them with close friends so I don’t feel the same pressure to publish quickly. Tricky thing though.

My advice is figure out the general flow of your story - so like your ending(s), your major beats, stuff like that - and plan a certain number of chapters, maybe ten or something, work on them, and then release those periodically while you work on other chapters.

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That actually sounds like a good idea. I’ve heard some Wattpad writers do the same where they write half their story and then release each chapter over time. And that gives the author more time to write the other half of the story and gather feedback from readers.

I might try that.


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