Completed Stories vs Ongoing Stories


I know there’s some people out there who won’t read a story until it’s completed for fear of getting addicted to a story that gets discontinued. And I also know there are some people who dread reading a story that already has 30+ episodes.

So what do you all prefer?

  • Completed Stories
  • Ongoing Stories

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Feel free to explain your answer in the comments

Publish complete story at once or chapters at a time?

I feel more comfortable reading completed stories because I don’t have to wait for more chapters to come out. This can take a while and I could forget what happened in the story. Although, I’ll read any story as long as I know the author will continue updating it, unless it’s already completed. :slightly_smiling_face:


True, true. I hate when there’s a new episode after months of nothing and I spend the first two minutes trying to remember everyone’s names


Yeah, same. It takes me a whle to update because I either lose motivation to write or I’m busy, so I always put a flashback of what happened in the last episode for people.


To be honest, I dont mind ongoing stories but lol for me when I start reading an interesting story and then I reached the last chapter the author published so I have to wait maybe days,weeks and I’ll be like IM GONNA DIE!!
But ongoing stories can good like maybe new clothes came up or new updates so now we can use it…so it can come in handy


Oh man… that’s tough. I don’t know if I have a preference, per se. I do quite like the anticipation of waiting for new chapters though…


Haha, I can’t even answer my own poll. I’m in the same boat as you


I think it comes down for my usual answer for aspects that don’t affect the quality of the storytelling - I’d prefer to read a good story, don’t mind if it’s complete or incomplete, Limelight or INK, mystery or comedy… :joy:


As long as the author has a solid uploading schedule, ongoing is fine !!

I always binge completes stories & everything’s over in a flash so that depresses me.


Yes I very much lean to completed story.
I read a lot of ongoing stories too but I personally do love completed stories because the worst thing is when a story is discontinued .


As a TV show addict I usually prefer ongoing stories. When I watch/ read something completed I really like, I just finish it in 1-2 days (maybe in a week if it has several seasons :smiley:) And then I’m like: “okay, what to do with my life now?” :smiley:
One of my favourite Episode stories is updated usually once in a month, another one is currently on hold, but I don’t mind waiting, actually it just makes me more excited when a new chapter is finally out. I know it can be annoying to many people so I personally try to update my stories once a week but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We all have life outside Episode so as a reader, I completely understand if I have to wait.
The only thing I don’t like about ongoing stories is when the ending unexpectedly pisses me off. This happened with two of my fav sitcoms: I waited YEARS to find out the couple I shipped so hard didn’t end up together. Dear writers, don’t do this please. It hurts.


I like having something to look forward to. Sometimes, if it’s a short completed story (eg 3/4 chapters) I’ll read it but I definitely prefer ongoing stories.


TBH… Doesn’t matter to me

BUT, i prefer completed. Unless I get lucky that is


Get lucky as in…?


getting lucky as in, the story being like amazing and nearly flawless


Ah ok, I get you.

Is that because if they’re nearly flawless there’s less chance of you having to re-read a chapter?



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