Completely Random


Okie ya’ll, my name is Dasha, and I’d like to clarify one thing!
I have my OWN slang.
So, if I comment some weird word or phrase, it’s just because I have my own SLANG. Let me tell ya’ll the words I use;
1. Ya’ll
2. yAY
3. Whoa
4. Bruh
5. yEAH
6. Coolio
7. Okie
8. Ima
9. Meh
10. Awsome
I also:
1. Use way too many exclamation points if the statement is supposed to be angry or exciting.
2. Use at least an emoji after ever sentence because it helps set up the mood.
Anyways, I just wanted to clarify, just in case. :wink:

  • Dasha


Cool :sunglasses:


That’s pretty neat.


oi! I use all of the same slang as u!!!


Same bruh :joy::joy::sunglasses: we cool like that



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