Complex choices

Have a look here :slight_smile:

But not you @RudeInception :joy:

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Yes, that what i am trying to understand now, i am 100% with the advanced directing, that why i am trying to move to more complecated but it seems harder to understand

Try this:

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I have to take a look at it now

This looks like it shows you in detail wowww
Okey, i will have a loook at it and study the codes i hope it helps and i will tell you my oppinion
Thank you

I saw that it’s not complex
But thank you

And here’s a list of links to guides made by some brilliant coders:


OMG , its already writing omg
You really saved my life thank you soooooo much

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OH no, no locking a choice, i really dunno
It’s something like a lock they used it

Thank you Sailor Uranus :joy:

Do you mean like when there’s a lock sign on an option?


Something like that?

(btw it looks weird because it’s a screenshot from the web previewer just now)

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Yeah u got it! what is it?
you need a pass or what

It’s actually just a lock it’s not locking a choice you would have to write something like:

< LOCKED>“Option 1”{
This option is locked.

ignore the spaces in <>

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but you can’t enter it right?
You need password or anthing?

You can enter, like I said it’s just a lock it’s not really locking anything. If you need a password you need type-in choice or coded password.

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HO! got it thank you

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile:

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